Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crossfit, Pregnancy & Recovery

Push presses with 65# at 35 weeks. 

I'm five months postpartum and I am happy to say that staying active and going to Crossfit Greenpoint during my pregnancy made my recovery smooth and effortless. I unexpectedly ended up having to get a C-section (another post for another time). The day after my surgery I was able to sit up, get out of bed and walk around on my own.  Apparently some of the staff didn't believe that I was recovering from a surgery because I was walking around like nothing had ever happened.

I sincerely believe this was due to Crossfit!

I didn't really have a plan in terms of modifying movements when I found out that I was pregnant. Thankfully my coaches had experience working with pregnant women and were able to coach me through my pregnancy safely and effectively.

One important thing to note is that because I had been doing this type of exercise for well over a year before becoming pregnant it was OK by my doctors and my coaches to continue on. Much of the time I was at the gym it was summertime and very hot and humid. Regardless of what the workout was, I made sure to always do the following:

- Stay hydrated

- Make sure I didn't get too winded (I made sure I was able to talk/sing during a workout in order to pace myself)
- Breathed through my lifts with no holding of breath
- Kept my core and back as tight as possible

- Listened to my body
Also, if it was over 85 degrees I just skipped the gym entirely and stayed home to rest in the AC.
1st Trimester
All movements were basically the same except for the following.
- Stopped handstands and handstand push-ups and did elevated push-ups with my feet up on a bench
- Lowered box jump height to reduce risk of falling
2nd Trimester
- No sit-ups, subbed GHD hip extensions for sit-ups.
- No bench press
- Kept up with cleans and snatches until my belly got in the way of the bar path and I no longer felt comfortable in the movements. Switched to front squats and presses/push presses/split jerks off the rack
- Did sumo deadlifts instead of regular deadlifts to accommodate my growing belly
- Step ups instead of box jumps
- No rope climbs!
- Double unders were OK until my belly started getting bigger
- Kept the weights heavy but comfortable and never maxed out
- Instead of running I would row or use the assault bike
3rd Trimester
- Same as above. The biggest difference was making sure the weights were lighter and focused a lot on mobility, especially for my lower body. Also did a lot of squats (always squat!) and shoulder to overhead movements.
- Capped long WODs at 30 minutes max
- Basically it was a win for me towards the end if I showed up and moved a little bit and picked up some weight. I went to the gym up until the last couple weeks of my pregnancy and lost very little strength.
5 months postpartum, about to deadlift
If you are pregnant I would not recommend starting Crossfit now. However, staying active and making sure that you get regular exercise during pregnancy is important. Make sure to discuss with your physician before starting any new fitness program. Most importantly, be kind and patient with yourself during this time.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three Months

Yesterday marked three months of life with this little guy. It's hard to put into words all that Jon and I have experienced since little E was born. It's been the hardest endeavor of my life, but one that is completely motivated and fueled by love. It is true what everyone says - the sleep deprivation is debilitating and your life is forever disrupted and changed, but all of it is worth it for the privilege of caring for this precious and pure little being. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One Month

A month from now my life will forever be changed. I didn't know what to expect when I moved here five years ago, but here I am on the other side waiting patiently for our newest family member to arrive. I'm thankful for being able to continue to stay very active and for having an easy pregnancy. I'm thankful for a loving and caring partner who I am confident will be a most amazing father. I'm thankful for family and friends who have offered nothing but their love and support and their generosity to help us prepare. I'm thankful for being able to fit in one last trip out of the country with my husband before having to negotiate traveling as a threesome. I'm thankful for being able to have this experience with no complications or scary surprises.
Just a few more weeks!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's the Season

 1. Flowers from a thoughtful friend for Mother's Day and my first jade plant, 2. Some gorgeous tulips on the Upper East Side, and 3. Cherry blossoms in my neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Catching Up

 New view from our new home.
Nahbi approves of the new apartment.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Photos are from 1) Central Park on a recent afternoon, 2) the Williamsburg Bridge when I decided to walk to the West Village to go meet a friend, 3) a fun archery class at Gotham Archery - can't wait to go back again, 4) a quick snack of rambutan, and 5) beautiful flowers from this week's farm share. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I Saw: Mast Brothers Factory Tour and Chocolate Tasting

Sunday morning I surprised Jon with a trip to Mast Brothers Chocolate for a factory tour and chocolate tasting. We saw how their chocolate was made, from roasting the cacao beans to packaging the bars. We also got to taste the chocolate at different stages of the process. They offered us samples of the roasted cacao, chocolate from the conches that were grinding the cacao and sugar, and finally five different kinds of their chocolate. 

Aside from the chocolate bars that have ingredients such as sea salt or coffee beans, the chocolate consists of only cacao and sugar. It allows the flavor of the beans and the subtleties between them to come through and produces a beautiful, high quality bar of chocolate.

Tours are available on Friday evenings as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you have some free time, grab a buddy and take this tour. And be prepared to sample a lot of chocolate!