Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alone doesn't mean lonely

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I am single.  Single and squarely in my 30th year.

Truth be told, I have been enjoying myself very much and am very thankful for this life that is filled to the brim with loved ones, family, lots of laughter, music, travels, etc.

However, one thing that I do miss is cooking on a consistent basis with someone.  There's just something about having someone sitting at my kitchen counter chopping vegetables while I tend to whatever is on the stove, all the while talking and snagging sips of wine while things are cooking.  Things don't feel the same when I'm rummaging through the fridge, trying to throw together a quick bite before I run back out of the house.

I stumbled on this collection of essays and recipes last year, shortly after my last relationship ended.  My ex and I had cooked a lot at home, and even though I joke about my shortcomings in the kitchen, cooking is something that I did and still do enjoy (however infrequently it happens nowadays).  This book reminded me that there's something special and significant about feeding just yourself, making a meal (however weird it is) for one.

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