Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dirty hands aren't idle hands

Recipe for Tarte Tatin from Orangette

I made a tarte Tatin for a friend's Easter gathering.  I also got a nasty burn on my left hand's index finger (blister on blister anyone?) but have learned, and will certainly never forget, that caramel is HOT and will produce the nastiest baking burn one has ever experienced.  However, the end result was totally worth it.

I also started some seeds today!

These seeds were started in little containers made from newspaper.  Although looking back on the instructions it said to use black and white newspaper, and this was definitely not solely black and white.  Are these veggies going to kill me???  Hm...

I also used the containers that my granola comes in when I buy it from the cafe across the street from work.  I'm glad I can put those empties to work.

Lots of other projects in mind.  More posts and updates to come soon.

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