Sunday, December 5, 2010


Minus the Bear at Terminal 5 "Absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse"

Last night L. and I went into the City to catch Minus the Bear at Terminal 5.  J. had seen Jonsi there a few months back and had warned me that when he went, it had been incredibly packed.  So packed, in fact, that he and his date ended up watching the show from the second floor on televisions.  L. and I got to the venue and at first it didn't seem like there were going to be that many people.  After Tim Kasher (of Cursive fame) finished up his set everyone started pushing towards the front towards the stage.  Thankfully, L. and I have had much practice in getting up close to the front.  We ended up only a couple people back from the stage and watched a really fun show.  A lot of my favorite songs were played (I mentioned to L. that you could tell how old people were by which songs they started freaking out about - I was squarely in the old category) and the sound was perfect.  I think I need to start making a budget for shows.  Otherwise, this city is going to make me go broke with all the amazing bands that come through town.


  1. Nice video! Used to be one of my favorite bands, for songs like the one in your video. Unfortunately I couldn't even make it through their latest album. Hopefully there were lots of old stuff, and the new ones sound better live.

  2. The new ones totally do sound better live. And there were tons and tons of old songs which made Lisa and I very happy.