Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I really did not feel okay about any of this, and there was really nothing I could do about any of it. (Miranda July)

Do you know Miranda July?

If not, you really should get to know her.

She's a "good at lots of things" kind of artist.  I find it all inspiring, witty, and beautiful.

Her writing:

"Are you angry? Punch a pillow. Was it satisfying? Not hardly. These days people are too angry for punching. What you might try is stabbing. Take an old pillow and lay it on the front lawn. Stab it with a big pointy knife. Again and again and again. Stab hard enough for the point of the knife to go into the ground. Stab until the pillow is gone and you are just stabbing the earth again and again, as if you want to kill it for continuing to spin, as if you are getting revenge for having to live on this planet day after day, alone." 
      Miranda July (No One Belongs Here More Than You)

"I laughed and said, Life is easy. What I meant was, Life is easy with you here, and when you leave, it will be hard again."
      Miranda July (No One Belongs Here More Than You)

"That is my problem with life, I rush through it, like I'm being chased. Even things whose whole point is slowness, like drinking relaxing tea. When I drink relaxing tea I suck it down as if I'm in a contest for who can drink relaxing tea the quickest." 
 Miranda July

Her art:

The Hallway from The Hallway on Vimeo.

And so much more.


  1. Oh I love this, the shoes with "you and me" on them is lovely

  2. Look at this - her new movie. Sounds amazing.

  3. I love Miranda July. I feel such a connection with her. I love the way her brain works and how she finds connections in things. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Jen - I love that she still has the ability to see the world with fresh eyes, and somehow not have her sincerity feel dramatic or heavy handed but natural and normal. Glad you enjoyed the post!