Friday, January 14, 2011

The mens

I get the Twitters tweetin’.
I get the Tumblrs tumblin’.
Y’all get shot at.
@Reply me, homie.
I do the shooting.
See you street skeezers at (capsule).
I do the recruiting.
Did y’all motherfuckers see that collabo with Gents Quart?
Meta steez.
On some serious next level self-referential shit.
Crispyest drop in a minute for real, real.
You probably think that real G’s move in silence.
Like J-Wil.
Well, fuck that noise.
Or lack thereof.
My speakers go hammer.
Had no idea that work had even gone live.
I was busy tearing the motherfucking roof off Magic City.
Going ham with Brick Squad.
Juaquin and me.
Making it thunderstorm.
Silk squares raining down.
While these skrippers do it with no hands.
Radric and Otis.
Suited and booted.
Ed Greens looking all tough.
Lardini with the tags still hanging off.
Slapping the weave off your baby mama.
If she thinks it’s okay to put her paws on soft shoulders.
Neapolitan trapwear.
Where they do that at?
Dope boys.
Stay doe boy fresh.
And catch a few bodies.
When flat front lames try to front.
Sizzurp match my V-Neck.
Merino match the clique I claim.
Soo woo.
See y’all motherfuckers in hell.

Recently I came across this site.  It immediately reminded of my brother and our dude friends.  En pointe style accompanied by a dry and sarcastic sense of humor.  And smart!  A while back, one of them said to me, "You know Sharon, we don't dress for the ladies.  We dress for each other!"  I think he was kind of joking but it's totally true.  Really, I don't care why they dress the way that they do.  I just know that I like it.


  1. I know, totally love it. I think the ladies could easily wear this outfit as well. Love good menswear.