Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Signal to Noise

Looking down onto the first floor
At the Museum of Moving Image

This past weekend, J was back in Brooklyn for the long weekend.  We went to Astoria for the Museum of the Moving Image's inaugural Signal to Noise party.  The museum had undergone three year's worth of renovations and reopened over weekend.  There was a lot of special performances happening on all floors of the museum.  There were also a number of interactive exhibits.  Some of what we did:

Stop motion animation at the Museum of the Moving Image

We made a stop motion animation film.

Final Product

We overdubbed scenes from movies.


We danced and danced.

More audience participation

The museum has a number of really great events coming up.  Most recently, they had a screening of The King's Speech, completely with a discussion panel with members of the cast (including Colin Firth).  The museum is really fun and worth multiple trips as their exhibits are ever changing.

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