Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blank walls

Photo and tutorial from Bella Dia

My apartment has very tall, very white walls.  As I am thinking of moving to another part of Brooklyn once the lease is up, I didn't think that painting the entire apartment would be a wise investment (both of my time and money).  However, living in a space with such wide expanses sometimes makes me feel a little strange.  Before I moved, my house was full of art and different hues of cool grays, taupes, and of course the most perfect hot pink in the kitchen.  All of the art moved with me and I'm sad to say that what worked well for the Clintonville house only kind of works with the wall space in this apartment.

I'm pretty happy with what was initially done in the apartment and since then have made a some minor changes.  The curtains in the living room have been switched out for lighter and more translucent curtains which allows more natural light into the apartment.  I'm planning on applying starch and opaque fabric to the bottom halves of my very tall kitchen windows to, again, let more natural light into the space but keep people from being able to look into the apartment.  However, the wall opposite my bed in the bedroom is completely blank.  Just a big white wall and I've been racking my brain for a suitable solution.  It has to be cheap, it has to be temporary, and it has to be minimal in terms of time and labor.  The foam core fabric panels pictured above seem like the ideal solution but I'm still thinking about it.  Will post pictures of the process and final product once I make a decision.

Some inspiration:

White canvas on white walls, from here

Wallpapered with trees, from here

Striped walls (these are made from masking tape!)

Totally unrealistic for my space, but light emitting wallpaper - so very cool.

This is more realistic for my place, but would make several or one very large light up canvas.

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