Thursday, February 17, 2011

Naked City

Miru Kim has a series of photographs where she is shot completely unclothed in different parts of different cities.  The images are really lovely and almost surreal due to the contrast of her nude form and her environment.  

From the artist on her series, Naked City Spleen:


Over the last ten years, New York City has grown to be my favorite city.  The island of Manhattan alone has a dense, mysterious network of man-made structures soaring fifteen hundred feet aboveground and digging eight hundred feet below.  The five boroughs of New York are connected by more than thirty-five bridges and tunnels that make the city a miraculous feat of engineering, architecture, and design.  The city has an anatomy and a psyche as complex as that of any human being.

Experiencing feelings of alienation and anxiety in the city - a city that has increasingly become more surveilled and commodified - I began to understand how many artists and authors suffered from severe bouts of depression, inertia, and isolation, which the term spleen embodies.  One of the ways I escaped such feelings was to visit desolate and hidden places in the city.  Every time I stepped out of the ordinary aboveground spaces that were filled with anonymous crowd, I felt regenerated and unrestrained..."

Some images:

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