Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slide Mountain

Slide Mountain at the Summit (Picture courtesy of Lisa Kemper)

Saturday morning my friend and I woke up at 6 and made our way over to Williamsburg.  We were picked up and taken to Slide Mountain for my first winter hike, courtesy of Brooklyn Outfitters.  It was an amazing experience and I'm really thankful that my friend signed us up.

Slide Mountain is the highest peak within 100 miles of NYC.  We hiked for a total of 5.4 miles and made great time to the summit and back.  On the way up, there was light snow and a cloudy sky.  At about halfway up the mountain we were able to get some great views as the sun came out for a bit and the cloud cover lifted.  The summit was full of huge views and clear blue skies.  On our way down we got caught in heavier snow showers and some wicked winds that whipped the cold snow against our faces as we hiked down.  No sooner had we added a layer to protect our faces, the snow stopped and the sun came out and it was again a perfect winter scene.  One of our guides turned around and said "Welcome to Narnia!" and I started cracking up.  It was, as I said on the hike, as though we had experienced five different types of winter on one mountain.

This hike was a moderate hike, definitely some challenging parts but generally manageable.  Brooklyn Outfitters offers many other outdoor adventures ranging in difficulty from beginners to advanced/expert levels.  I would recommend them to anyone and plan on going on future hikes with this group again in the near future.

Some pictures:

(Picture courtesy of Lisa Kemper)

(Picture courtesy of Lisa Kemper)

(Picture courtesy of Lisa Kemper)

Happy to be outside and in the snow (Picture courtesy of Lisa Kemper)

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