Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girl Crush

Image from Warpaint

Warpaint is a four piece band from L.A. and they are my latest fave.  Their songs are the perfect blend of gorgeous melodies, intricate guitar and bass lines, and tricky but driving beats.  I have an affinity for girl bands and female musicians and this band is certainly no exception.  Looks like the rest of the world is falling in love with them, too.

You can listen to some of their songs here and listen to their latest album, The Fool, on their website

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dining out

New York is due to be hit with a couple days of sleet and snow.  Needless to say, I'm glad I haven't yet packed away my winter coats, but MAN am I ready for spring to settle in and stay.

Warmer days turn my thoughts to time spent outside - long bike rides, walking around new neighborhoods, and picnics in the park with friends.  

Outstanding in the Field seems to capture the very essence of spring and community.  Imagine large scale dinners in gorgeous outdoor settings happening all around the country.

Starting May 1st they will be starting their dinner party tour.  Many of their dinners have already been sold out.  You can view their schedule and see if they'll be traveling near you right here.  (Found via Oh Happy Day.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the street

Like the rest of the world, I, too, am really eager to see the new documentary on Bill Cunningham.  This man basically invented street-fashion photography and at 82 years old continues to shoot for The New York Times, his weekly On the Street column now being a slideshow. 

"Bill Cunningham New York" is showing at the Film Forum in Manhattan with dates extended to April 7th.  You can read the Times article on the movie here


Image of New! Blue Ombre BAgs

Image of New! Green Ombre Bag

Image of New! Pink Ombre Bag
Images from here

Loving these hand dyed ombre bags from Freshly Picked.  At $15 a pop it would be an easy and inexpensive addition to any spring wardrobe. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Weekend

Inflatable sculpture image courtesy of 3rd Ward

So much fun stuff happening this weekend!  Last night L and I went out with a friend for her sister's bachelorette party.  We stopped by Babeland in Park Slope for a little store event and then headed into the city for some adventures.  

In Greenpoint, PRF.BBQ.NYC will be happening all weekend.  This is an annual festival that was created by Steve Albini.  Usually it's held in Chicago but this year it's right in the neighborhood.  From the event page:

"Three days of rapid-fire rock, food, art, poetry, and all sorts of fun stuff right here in beautiful NYC. A completely DIY, not-for-profit event with a hearty disdain for corporate sponsorship and a love for all things music and art, PRF.BBQ.NYC proudly welcomes bands and artists from across the globe (that's right, globe) happy to share their art with the people of New York City. ALL of the money collected at the door will be used for the event itself and to help out the generous touring bands who have agreed to drive hundreds and fly thousands of miles purely to play their music for us lucky souls."

The line-up looks really great.  My friend's band, Methodist, is on at 6:30pm.  

Also tonight in Brooklyn, 3rd Ward is having a great art exhibit of inflatable sculptures from 7pm to 10pm.  Admission is free and I anticipate the place to be packed.

To round out the night, some karaoke in the city at my friend's bar.

Tomorrow I'll be attending a baptism for my dear friend's son at Park Slope Methodist.

Lots to do.  Lots to celebrate.  : )  

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Devotchka reminds me of J, my brother, and long road trips between NYC and Cbus.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is important to you

Public installation artist and urban planner Candy Chang converted a wall of an abandoned home in her New Orleans neighborhood into something inspiring. With chalkboard paint, stencils and some chalk, residents can now write their dreams on this wall.  (Found via Honest WTF.)

From the artist: "Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us."

Once the wall is filled, the board will be washed with water and they will start with a clean slate again. The artist is documenting all responses and some will be included in a book.  There have been requests for this to be installed in other cities.  A project site is in the works.

More projects from Candy Chang can be seen here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old New York

Image from here

Back in January, Gothamist featured a collection of photos taken for LIFE magazine.  These photographs feature six young women living in a two room apartment in Greenwich Village in 1954. 

Yesterday, Gothamist posted pictures from a 1956 LIFE magazine article that was entitled "Memo to the Girls."  They followed a New York bachelor who avoided "husband hunters".  Apparently even back then the number of single men in New York fell short in comparison to the rest of the country. 

I love pictures of old New York.  Around McGolrick Park, especially in the evening, it still looks and feels like the New York of these pictures. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Weekend

Me and Chrissy on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge

Yesterday was the very first day it felt like a true spring day since I moved to New York.  I met up with my friend and neighbor, Chrissy, and we went for the first bike ride of the year - over, across, and then back again across the Williamsburg Bridge.  I've been a little nervous thinking about biking around Brooklyn, but once we were riding I felt very comfortable.

This weekend is again filled with activities. 

Tonight I'll be attending a yoga class in Long Island City with a couple friends.  Afterward I believe we'll be going to Blackout Bar for Que(e)ry

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a long bike ride (this time on the road bike) during the day.  In the evening I'll be at a Chrissy's going away party (so bummed to see her go) with the festivities starting off at Lady Jay's and then dancing at Legion.

Sunday night, Vday Koreatown will be happening.  I am hoping to volunteer for this event.  A little background (from their event page):


The Vagina Monologues, written by playwright and activist Eve Ensler, broke ground, offering to the world a piece of art like nothing it had seen before. Based on dozens of interviews Ensler conducted with women, the play addressed women's sexuality and the social stigma surrounding rape and abuse, creating a new conversation about and with women. The Vagina Monologues ran Off-Broadway for five years in New York and then toured the United States.

The Vagina Monologues could be more than a moving work of art on violence; Ensler divined that the performances could be a mechanism for moving people to act to end violence.


“The Vagina Monologues” has been performed all over the world in various different languages. There has yet to be a production specifically by and for the Korean-American community that has been produced in New York City, so let us tear down the roof!

As the central melting pot of the world, it is shocking to see how our community is still silenced by overall aspects of female sexuality. Even the term “vagina” has often been an immense source of shame and secrecy for many of us because of tradition and assumptions of Korean femininity. With V-Day: Koreatown, 2011, our team hopes to unlock some of this silence, and encourage audience members and the Korean community to empower our women. The show has successfully generated broader attention and funds to end violence against women and girls all over the world, and we feel that now more than ever, there is a need to bring this attention closer to home and even closer to our ancestry.

The goal is not to just perform. The goal is to participate to the best of our abilities to move audiences to act and re-think Korean female sexuality . With the collaboration of actual Korean community organizations that support this cause, we wish to spread awareness also of the existence of the organizations themselves and their commitment to end violence against the women of the Korean community."

And of course, my thoughts are with my friends in Japan and those fighting in Libya.  From the New York Times:

The latest in Japan
Allies press Libya, saying cease fire is not enough

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Midget & Giant

Architect Ryuji Nakamura created this miniature paper house to sit on top of his iMac's iSight camera.  The results are pretty amazing.  So clever!


To remember

Photo from here

Tonight I met a friend at BAM for a screening of Waiting for Superman.  My friend is a teacher in the New York City school system so it was especially nice to watch this movie with her.  We had the good fortune to stay for a Q&A session with Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO of Harlem Children's Zone (and also a large part of the movie). 

After the movie, my friend and I discussed how the issues with the school systems in this country are very daunting.  She talked to me about her experiences in her school and it got me thinking about what people like myself (people who are not educators) are able to do to work with the kids in the NYC school system.  When I first moved to New York I researched many different volunteer opportunities in the city.  I eventually signed up with iMentor and truly believe in this program.  

From their website:

"iMentor's mission is to improve the lives of young people from underserved communities in New York City through innovative, technology-based approaches to youth mentoring and education.'

Their mentoring model:

"iMentor is changing the face of youth mentoring by turning two core beliefs into realities. iMentor proves that:
#1 Even the busiest, most successful professionals have time to be quality mentors.
#2 Formal mentoring programs can flourish in the most isolated, low-income, and underserved communities.
iMentor activates this under-tapped pool of mentors and connects them to NYC youth that can benefit the most from mentoring. iMentor’s pioneering, technology-enriched mentoring model makes this possible."
What drew me to this organization was their use of technology to help their mentor/mentee pairs stay in contact.  This allows for a great deal of flexibility while still being able to maintain a long-term volunteer commitment.  I believe that if one is able, volunteering and working within the community is an absolute necessity.  To me, any kind of community involvement is significant and there are thousands of different volunteer opportunities in the city.  New York Cares is a good place to start, as is

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Weekend

This is not my cat. 

I'm back to Ohio this weekend, second weekend in a row.  This was due to me not paying close enough attention to which dates had already been booked for Cbus.  But I'm not complaining!  As always, I am very thankful that J and I have the means to see each other as much as we do.

I don't really know what's going on this weekend as I haven't had much time this week to check on what I'll be missing (ha).  However, there are a couple things I'm going to next week that I think are worth sharing.

Monday I'll be at BAM for a screening of Waiting for Superman with a Q&A session to follow.

Tuesday I'm meeting up with a friend and heading to No Lights, No Lycra.  It's a weekly dance night in Greenpoint.

From an article about the group in Brooklyn Based:

'The concept, created in Melbourne, Australia by dance students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett in June 2009, is simple: Create an environment where people can dance without inhibition. “It made perfect sense to leave the lights turned off,” Barrett explained via email from Amsterdam.'

As you may or may not have already gathered I am always down for dancing.

There is also the possibility of a post-work evening adventure to the Empire State Building.  We shall see!

Enjoy the weekend!  I think this is the first weekend where it will really feel like spring.  Can't wait!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To do

From the Alice and Olivia Fall Show '11 (Picture from here)

I came across a couple tutorials that I thought were worth mentioning.

Refinery 29 showcased a handful hairstyles from the runway, complete with step by step instructions.  I especially love the loose chignon.  As spring draws closer and closer I'm determined to get out on my bike as much as possible.  I'm toying with the idea of commuting to work on the bike on non-crappy days but (this is ridiculous) was worried about having helmet hair at work.  I think this easy updo is going to be my go-to for biking days.

From here

Honestly WTF consistently posts really great DIY tutorials.  This tutorial for a braided hex nut bracelet was inspired by Philip Crangi's Giles & Brother Hex Collection and to be honest, I prefer the DIY version.  

I haven't made anything in a long while but feel the itch to start creating things again.  I'm going to try and get back into the habit of knitting on the train during my commutes.  I think it's about time to start again.  I found myself staring at a woman sitting across from me as she worked on finishing a sock.  Probably a good idea to bring my own knitting along to prevent future instances of knitting envy.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been thinking about investing in a good trench/rain jacket lately.  I came to New York knowing I was most ill prepared for the inevitable wetness and rain showers of spring but was concerned with the immediate threat of winter.  I've put off thinking about rain gear until recently.  

I'm torn between finding some cheap, low end trench that has a trendy cut or investing in a serious, heavy duty weatherproof jacket with the intent of never buying another rain coat again.

I'm in love with the coats from Barbour, a British brand founded in 1894.  Their wax cotton coats seem like the ideal material for keeping dry in a downpour and I love the styles and cuts that are offered.

They have also partnered with J.Crew, offering coats and jackets for men and women as well as some accessories.  

Some of my favorites:

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Weekend

From the Fujimax, Soft Spot
Painting behind the bar at Soft Spot (Taken with the Fujimax last spring)

This week has totally flown by.  Not too much happened this week except for the normal mundane life tasks (laundry with L, going to the gym, cleaning, working, etc.)  I'm happy to say that I'll be in good old Ohio again this weekend to spend time with J and the fam and to visit with some friends.  It's nice to be able to go back but there is so little time in just one weekend.  Part of me wants to spend a full week back in Columbus to allow for plenty of quality time catching up with my friends while also having time with J and my brother and sister-in-law.  We'll see if I can make that happen.

If I was staying in Brooklyn for the weekend there are a couple things I would definitely be attending. 

Tonight, there is another Brooklyn Boogie at The Gym Park.  It's always a great time and I've met some great people at the past events.  Definitely worth checking out.  They happen the first Friday of every month.  I'll definitely be there in April.

A friend sent this article to me, and it features a few different art shows happening in the city.  The main one that I'm interested in is The Armory Show at Piers 92 & 94.  There are also a number of shows in the neighborhood that look interesting as well.  I'm going to have to hit them up at a later date.

And, of course, Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum is happening again this Saturday.  At 5:30pm, the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers will have a performance.  There are also a number of lectures as well as the usual dance party going on.  As always, the museum's collection is available for viewing until 11pm. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick note

Some people have little writing and/or speech things that make them crazy.

I know someone who is irritated with the word "anyways" as opposed to "anyway".

I've also heard the argument about "I couldn't care less" vs "I could care less" several times.

For me? 

Comma overuse makes me INSANE.

It makes me think, "Stop trying so damn hard and use a shorter sentence!"

I'm terrible.  Just terrible.

Girl crush

Do you know this girl?  Lykke Li's music has been filling my ears since J introduced me to her last year. 

This was my introduction:

She has a new album, Wounded Rhymes, that dropped today.  You can listen to it here

Love this lady.