Friday, April 29, 2011

The Weekend

Picture taken by Jon

I'm back to Columbus this weekend and I'm excited for this weekend's trip.  Jon and I have a lot of fun things on the agenda.

As soon as I land we're finding my brother and our friends who will be out on the MFFNR #4 (MFFNR = Mother F*cking Friday Night Ride).  My brother started these Friday night rides around the city.  The last one was epic.  We ended up with a group of over forty riders (maybe even fifty of us total???).  My brother mapped out an awesome route taking us from one end of the city to the next.  It was like one giant moving party.  Columbus is great to ride at night, especially in the city.  There's little to no traffic and you have free reign over the road.  It's been an adjustment riding here but I'm slowly getting used to it.

Saturday we'll be attending the Columbus Tweed Ride.  I'll be meeting up with several friends (a couple of them may even show up on their awesome vintage tandem!) and have my outfit packed up and ready to go.  It will look a little silly with my bright pink bike helmet BUT it must be done!

Then it's back to Brooklyn on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girl Crush

4-12-11 005

My dear friend Jen sent me a link to this girl's blog.  She lives in New York, commutes on her bike, and has some rad style.  LOVE IT.

After Work Ride Home
Forever21 Gray Booties

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanks and thanks and thanks

Thank you to all who voted in the travel contest.  It was incredibly touching to receive your overwhelming support leaving us at #13 (starting from the mid 400's!).  Community is an extraordinary thing.

The travel bug has definitely bitten.  J and I have often talked about traveling long-term.  This contest and the subsequent travel posts have only served to make the desire to see the world that much stronger.

(Custom designed vintage globes created by Wendy Gold via Honestly WTF.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wanderlust - The Fifth Stop

I entered a contest via Two Backpackers to be sponsored for my dream travel adventure.  Please take a minute to vote!  You can vote once a day until April 26th at 3:00pm.  For the remaining days of the contest I'll be writing about my top travel destinations.  

patagonia horses

Apparently I am itching for some mountains and some rugged terrain.  Traveling to Patagonia sounds like the perfect adventure.  Patagonia is located in Argentina and Chile integrating the southernmost section of the Andes mountains to the south west towards the Pacific Ocean.  The area is huge and there's so much to see and do.

Some points of interest.

penguins in patagonia

The Magellan penguins in Puerto Madryn.

Kayaking in Lago Grey Grey Glacier Torres Del Paine National Park Patagonia Chile resolution 1600x1200

Kayaking in Lago Grey Grey Glacier Torres Del Paine National Park Patagonia Chile.


Pre-Columbus hand prints at the Cuevas de las Manos upon Río Pinturas, near the town of Perito Moreno in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. 

Eco camping in Patagonia, Chile.

Looks like perfection.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wanderlust - The Fourth Stop

I entered a contest via Two Backpackers to be sponsored for my dream travel adventure.  Please take a minute to vote!  You can vote once a day until April 26th at 3:00pm.  For the remaining days of the contest I'll be writing about my top travel destinations.  

That man is standing at the edge of the Victoria Falls in Zambia.  In the dry season you have access to Devil's Pool, a natural rock swimming pool right at the edge of the falls.  

I would like to do exactly this:

Aside from housing one of the great natural wonders of the world, Zambia boasts two national parks filled with wildlife as well as a rich and very diverse cultural heritage due to the numerous tribes that call this country home.  Drums are a major part of Zambian music and dancing is a huge part of any celebration or event.

A traditional dancer performs during ceremony, Lusaka, Zambia, October 3, 2006. [© AP Images]

Another reason I would like to travel to Zambia is because I would like to volunteer with Zume for Zambia.  From their website:

"In January a children's village in Lusaka Zambia opened that rescued 22 orphans whose family systems have been wiped out by AIDS.  When completed this village (including homes, clinic, school, etc...) will house 197 orphans...  A film team is partnering with humanitarian project leaders to create a race that will give orphans a chance to train for and challenge American children to a race. In a “health to heal” campaign, American students will be training and getting healthy in order to run. The money raised through pledges and sponsors will help build the village and create awareness of the crisis they face." 

I would love to be there for this race and to put some time into volunteering with this project.  This is something I will be following closely.

Zambia Reel 2009 from Jeff Johnson on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wanderlust - The Third Stop

I entered a contest via Two Backpackers to be sponsored for my dream travel adventure.  Please take a minute to vote!  You can vote once a day until April 26th at 3:00pm.  For the remaining days of the contest I'll be writing about my top travel destinations.  

Photo: Clouds and sunset over water

OK, so I realize how ridiculously nerdy this is going to sound but I've wanted to visit New Zealand ever since I saw footage on the making of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  But hear me out.  This country is absolutely gorgeous and boasts a varied and diverse landscape.

Akaroa, New Zealand
New Zealand consists of two larger islands and many smaller islands.  The North Island's climate is subtropical whereas the South Island's climate is temperate and oceanic.  This means that there are both glaciers and rain forests to be found in this country as well as gorgeous coastal views, mountain ranges, and metropolitan city life.  

My wish would be to backpack around the two major islands and camp in order to take every advantage of this varied terrain.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wanderlust - The Second Stop

I entered a contest via Two Backpackers to be sponsored for my dream travel adventure.  Please take a minute to vote!  You can vote once a day until April 26th at 3:00pm.  For the remaining days of the contest I'll be writing about my top travel destinations.  

water from iceland - thjorsa, Eyjafjardharsysla

For the past few years I've been itching to travel to Scandinavia - specifically to Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.  It's very convenient that these countries are so close together.

Spring Sunshine 02

childhood friend of mine moved to Stockholm over 5 years ago with his now husband.  I was invited to their wedding and was unable to attend.  I've regretted missing their ceremony and am still eager to visit.  I miss him and want to know what his life is like outside of the United States.  

Additionally, Stockholm's bike culture is definitely something that I've gotten a bit obsessed with over the last couple years.  I'd love to be able to experience it in person and to ride around the city without fear of being run over amongst very stylish bikers.  

Håkan Hjort

Just outside of the city there are many opportunities to hike, kayak, and (of course) ski.  I love that these kinds of views and outdoor adventures are immediately available and provide a stark contrast to the very metropolitan life in Stockholm.

I've previously written about wanting to visit Norway, specifically to walk these architectural elements built into the natural surroundings.  You can learn more through the National Tourist Routes in Norway site.

Jokulsarlon 1 Five destinations not to miss in Iceland!

And at long last, Iceland.  I'm so curious about this country.  The terrain looks crazy - rocky and desolate in some areas, green and lush in others, volcanic hot springs and geysers, glaciers, seas side.  I want to see all of it!  Also, there is a great music festival that happens every year in October (this year it's on my birthday!). The line-up thus far looks incredible.

This video totally sold me (soundtrack by Sigur Ros).  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wanderlust - The First Stop

I entered a contest via Two Backpackers to be sponsored for my dream travel adventure.  Please take a minute to vote!  You can vote once a day until April 26th at noon.  For the remaining days of the contest I'll be writing about my top travel destinations.  

Mom and Dad on their wedding day in traditional Korean wedding hanbok

I am a second-generation Korean-American who has never been to Korea.  My mother immigrated from South Korea to Queens, NY when she was in high school.  My father's family escaped from North Korea when he was young and lived an abject poverty in South Korea. He came to Brooklyn, NY when he was in his twenties.  Since coming to America neither of them have been back.  I've often wondered what kind of cultural understanding I have as a Korean if I've never been "back to the motherland", so to speak.  L and I have talked about this at length.  L is second-generation Sicilian-American.  We both agree that we want our progeny to have a good understanding of their ethnicities, but how do we do that when we feel as though our own cultural and ethnic experiences are not authentic because they've all occurred in the United States?  It's interesting to think about.

Prayers tied onto rope at National Folk Museum, during Lunar New Year.

This is why my first destination choice, above any other place in the world, is Korea.  I want to visit with my family and for us to experience our familial history together - to see my cousins whom I've never met, to visit my grandmother's grave, to see where my mother grew up, to stand as close to the DMZ as possible while holding my father's hand, to hear about long forgotten memories that will come up from my parents' minds because of a specific smell or sound.  I want us to explore the countryside, hike the mountains, sit in the hot springs, and dip our feet into the sea.  I want to do this before my parents are too old to travel for long distances and before my brother and I acquire even more responsibilities that will hold us to one place.  

This is what I wish for my family.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Partners in Crime

Clearly ecstatic to be in each others' company again.

Things are more fun with J.

Per our usual, we did a lot during this last long visit.  Some highlights:

Walked the High Line

Super beardy - impressive, no? (We shaved it the next day...)

We hung out at home.

Can you see the cat?

We brunched with friends.

And I surprised him with a trip to the top of Rockefeller Center.

We also caught up with friends over dinner and drinks (the no name bar in my neighborhood is quickly becoming my favorite spot), rode the Staten Island Ferry, found this amazing little Japanese bar/eatery that is connected to a weird speak-easy, and made plans for my trip back to Ohio at the end of this month.

The days can't go by fast enough...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Updos

Chanel Fall '11 by Vincent Lappartient (Source)

As always, I am in search of summer updos.  Refinery 29 has six tutorials inspired by recent runway styles.  Of the styles they showcase, I love the messy side buns from the Chanel Fall '11 show and the updos from the Tadashi Shoji spring '11 show.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Weekend

Last weekend in Astoria

J arrived Thursday evening and will be here until Wednesday morning.  We've been making a loose list of all the thing we want to do together in NYC.  We've taken some photobooth photos in two of the five boroughs (the goal being to take one in every borough) and we've been to Coney Island in the dead of winter.  We've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge together (J's first time!) and went to the farmer's market in McCarren Park in our neighborhood.

View from the Staten Island Ferry on my first ride

This weekend we are hoping to:

- Ride the Staten Island Ferry and hang out in Staten Island (goals are to find a photo booth and/or the carousel)

-  Walk the Highline in Manhattan

-  Go see the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

- Meet up with friends at Union Hall on Saturday for a performance by Wasabassco Burlesque

-  Walk through the Cloisters in Manhattan

-  Lunch in Koreantown at Food Gallery 32

-  Rent a bike for J and ride over the Williamsburg bridge into Manhattan

I know this is a really ambitious list and we likely won't even get half of this stuff done.  Honestly, we're both just very thankful and really happy that we get to spend an extended period of time together.  We both know that there will be many more opportunities to do these things together in the future so there's no rush. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is amazing!  Architectural elements were built in nature to allow visitors better and safer views and experiences.  The manmade elements match the natural environments so well.  You can see more at the National Tourist Routes in Norway site.  (Definitely putting Norway on the travel list...)

Images via Black Eiffel

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Lately I've been loving this feather garland.  I am also loving the different variations of fabric garlands I've been finding.  I think any of them would go well with the very, very tall ceilings in my apartment. 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring and sundresses

After riding over the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn

I had another busy weekend, taking full advantage of the sunshine and warm weather.  Friday was dinner with friends in Williamsburg at Le Barricou and then some games of skee ball at Redd's.  Saturday I met up with a friend and we went for a walk through McCarren Park and over to the waterfront in Williamsburg.  Then it was off to run errands with L.  Sunday started off with my first big bike ride, going over the Manhattan Bridge and then back to Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge.  Later, L and I had a date with an old friend who lives in Astoria.  I met up with some friends at Duane Park in the evening for a jazz show benefit for Japan.  100% of the proceeds went to The Japan Society

Saturday, L and I did some shopping and I am a little sundress crazy.  In preparation for the warm spring weather and eventual hot and muggy summer weather I've been scouring stores for sundresses that can be appropriate for work (cardigan or little jacket over top) but still cute enough to wear out after work.  Also, bonus if the dress is non-constraining and long enough to wear if riding my bike.

I picked up this dress from Urban Outiftters over the weekend (on sale!  And with pockets!) and already have a feeling that it's going to be a staple of my spring wardrobe. 

Also looking for the perfect basket for my commuter bike.  This one looks pretty perfect.