Friday, April 22, 2011

Wanderlust - The Second Stop

I entered a contest via Two Backpackers to be sponsored for my dream travel adventure.  Please take a minute to vote!  You can vote once a day until April 26th at 3:00pm.  For the remaining days of the contest I'll be writing about my top travel destinations.  

water from iceland - thjorsa, Eyjafjardharsysla

For the past few years I've been itching to travel to Scandinavia - specifically to Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.  It's very convenient that these countries are so close together.

Spring Sunshine 02

childhood friend of mine moved to Stockholm over 5 years ago with his now husband.  I was invited to their wedding and was unable to attend.  I've regretted missing their ceremony and am still eager to visit.  I miss him and want to know what his life is like outside of the United States.  

Additionally, Stockholm's bike culture is definitely something that I've gotten a bit obsessed with over the last couple years.  I'd love to be able to experience it in person and to ride around the city without fear of being run over amongst very stylish bikers.  

Håkan Hjort

Just outside of the city there are many opportunities to hike, kayak, and (of course) ski.  I love that these kinds of views and outdoor adventures are immediately available and provide a stark contrast to the very metropolitan life in Stockholm.

I've previously written about wanting to visit Norway, specifically to walk these architectural elements built into the natural surroundings.  You can learn more through the National Tourist Routes in Norway site.

Jokulsarlon 1 Five destinations not to miss in Iceland!

And at long last, Iceland.  I'm so curious about this country.  The terrain looks crazy - rocky and desolate in some areas, green and lush in others, volcanic hot springs and geysers, glaciers, seas side.  I want to see all of it!  Also, there is a great music festival that happens every year in October (this year it's on my birthday!). The line-up thus far looks incredible.

This video totally sold me (soundtrack by Sigur Ros).  Enjoy!


  1. My department in grad school at UW had an exchange program with Scandinavian countries. As a result I got to attend school with three crazy Icelanders. One of which dressed up as a bed for Halloween - will never forget that costume - and another of which gave me my first taste of shark and some Icelandic vodka to wash it down with! (The shark tasted awful!) There were also a couple of ladies from Sweden who were very awesome people.

    One of my friends dated one of the Icelanders and is now married to him and is living with him in Reykjavik with their new adorable-ist baby.

    She blogs about it on her blog Made in Reykjavik:

    (I voted again :) Yay for being in the top 30!)

  2. Your friend's baby is totally adorable. :)

    Did anyone try to lay down on top of your Icelandic friend when he was in his bed costume? Perhaps it was a ploy to snuggle down all night. I wish I could have seen it.

    And thank you for voting! We're #20!!!!!