Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I saw

Me and my buddy Jeremy - pic courtesy of Jason Brabbs

My trip to Columbus was cut short due to some major mess ups on my flight.  It was canceled both Thursday and Friday night, but thanks to some quick finangling on my boyfriend's part (who went to the airport both nights in anticipation of picking me up - poor guy) I was able to get on the early morning Saturday flight to Ohio.  It was a very busy weekend with a large part of it spent at the Asian Festival.  Jon served as chair of the performance committee for this year's festival.  He has worked extremely hard all year and I volunteered Saturday evening to support his efforts.  Attendance was great and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It was a really fun but exhausting evening.

I did manage to get some visiting in with the little time I had - brunches, BBQ's, family, visiting my friend and her little baby, and of course time with Jon. 

It was a short but, as always, sweet trip back to Ohio. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wintercheck 1907 Ring


This past winter I came across Brooklyn based Wintercheck Factory, an extremely well curated online boutique that features carefully selected and interesting items, including furniture, clothing, bags and other accessories.  From their webpage:

"In June of 2009, Kristen Wentrcek officially launched WINTERCHECK FACTORY® in Brooklyn, New York. She recruited her closest friends, all of whom are not only highly skilled in one area or another but also able to cope with receiving countless daily emails from her.
They began with furniture, and later added accessories, clothing and housewares into the mix. The goal is, and has been from the beginning, to source, manufacture and even re-purpose items we want/need in our daily lives with the hope that customers want/need these products as well."

The 1907 ring, my favorite item, is finally available for sale in their shop.  
I love the story behind this ring.  The idea came from a wedding band that had been in the shop's founder's family since 1907.  The original ring was commissioned over 100 years ago as a wedding ring for her great-great Aunt in Louisiana.  The ring splits apart in two pieces to reveal a secret engraving.  
1907 RINGSilver-open
The ring is available in silver and brass but can also be ordered in 18K white and yellow gold.  I love the story behind this simple ring and the idea of wearing a ring that carries a secret engraving.  So very romantic and sweet.

What I saw: Tune-Yards

Photo courtesy of Anna M Campbell

Last week Lisa and I went to see Tune-Yards at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.  I bought our tickets a few months ago as I knew the show would sell out quickly.  It was an awesome show.  I got chills multiple times during the set.  The joy Merrill had during her performance was palpable.  She creates loops upon loops upon loops of beats and vocals right on the spot and often performed her songs with nothing more than two floor toms, her voice, and a ukulele.  You can learn more about Tune-Yards here.  This is the only video I was able to get right at the beginning of her set.  Do yourself a favor and go see them live.  The video does not at all do her justice.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erica Weiner Jewelry

After a lovely weekend with my parents, my friends and I were walking around the city and we stumbled upon Erica Weiner Jewelry's brick and mortar shop, located at 173 Elizabeth Street between Spring and Kenmare Streets.  (I've posted about Erica Weiner and her jewelry on here before.)  The shop is perfect and finding it was a nice surprise.  I definitely recommend a trip out to the store, especially since much of their fine and antique jewelry is not listed on their website.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Real Estate Envy


Refinery 29 has a great home tour of Opening Ceremony's Kate Foley's Williamsburg apartment.  Two floors, wide expanses of windows, and large open spaces.  And of course, her style is spot on.  Damn.  

Of course I had to include a picture of her cat!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Weekend

Mom and Dad last spring at Aunt Gina's wedding
My parents are visiting me this weekend for the first time since I've moved to NYC.  Have I ever told you about them?

They met right here in Brooklyn when they were both students at Brooklyn College.  Mom lived in Queens and dad lived on Flatbush Avenue near the college.  My dad asked my mom what she thought about marrying him after their third date.  My mom thought he was crazy and told him to never speak to her again. After a couple months she couldn't stop thinking about him so she called him up.  And that's how it started!  Our family started right here in Brooklyn over thirty years ago.  It's nice to think about.

Anyhow, we have plans to meet my Aunt Gina for an early lunch in the city.  After that I'm not entirely certain as to what we'll be doing.  I think a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will be in order. 

The cherry blossoms are blooming and Saturday is supposed to bring a gorgeous spring day. 

I had hoped to bring my parents to the New York Dance Parade but I don't know if they're really going to be down for crazy crowds on their first visit out to see me.  But it looks amazing and sounds like so much fun, doesn't it?  I think I can convince my parents to go.  They love to dance almost as much as I do.  :)

From the New York Dance Parade website:
"On Saturday May 21, 2011 over 10,000 dancers will converge on the streets of New York City showcasing 74 forms of dance in a free outdoor dance parade and festival!

The parade route starts on 21st street. In honor of the earthquake victims, the parade will kick off with a Japanese Group. We will then progress in the history of dance order and boogie our way down Broadway-- Hula, swing and samba our way past Union Square and into University Place. At Eighth Street we will Salsa, Tango and Waltz East into Saint Marks Place and our Grandstand in between 3rd and 4th Aves. Our House, Techno and Disco floats will have afternoon shoppers wigglin as they watch us get down in the heart of the East Village. A straight shot from there brings us to DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park. At DanceFest we will come together and watch free dance performances on stage and at specific sites throughout the park--Free dance lessons are offered or you can enjoy a Dance Party.

Our mission is to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunity to experience dance and celebrate the diversity of dance."

Yeah, KOREA!

Much later in the evening on Saturday, Lisa and I will be heading down to the Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Tune-Yards!!!  The show has been sold out for a while so I expect the place to be packed.  I've been waiting for months for this show!

Enjoy your weekend!


balloon banner DIY

The weather has been rainy and altogether dreary here for the past week.  I feel like the grey Sunday in Columbus followed me all the way back to NYC.  It was really great to see this pop of color in Design Mom's rainbow balloon tutorial.  I think it would be great to make one of these to hang up in McCarren Park for a friend's birthday or a picnic get together.  Oh yes, making plans...

balloon banner DIY

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stoops on Bergen

Ten stoops have been outfitted with large scale portraits of local shop owners on Bergen Street between 4th and 5th avenues.  Apparently this is part of Inside Out - "a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Upload a portrait. Receive a poster. Paste it for the world to see."  

I think this is fantastic.  Contemplating getting off at the Bergen stop on the way home from work tomorrow to see this for myself.

Found via Brownstoner.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

What I saw

Waiting for the Zombie Walk

This weekend I drove to Columbus and back.  The weekend was full of birthdays, babies, and zombies.





Another great visit to Ohio.  xoxo