Friday, May 6, 2011

The Weekend


I am not traveling this weekend and am looking forward to just hanging out in Brooklyn.  Not a lot on the agenda - time with friends, band practice (am I too old to still be saying that?  Mmm, I'm gonna say that when I look too old to be saying that then I probably am too old to be saying that.  Until then!), maybe some kind of Derby related thing, and hopefully another epic bike ride on Sunday.

Saturday I will be making my way over to the Brooklyn Museum for another installment of Target First Saturdays.  

I'm most looking forward to seeing Andy Lin's Self Portrait Project.  The Self Portrait Project can normally be found at Good Company in Williamsburg on the weekend. 

From Andy Lin's website:   

' "In short, it's a photo booth where you snap your own photo."

- Joe P. Said

The Self-Portrait Project is a work-in-progress that seeks to capture the zeitgeist of New York City and beyond. It is essentially a glorified photobooth utilizing a large, two-way mirror, with a camera set up on the transparent side and the participant located on the mirror side. Using a remote trigger & the mirror's reflection, the participant chooses how and when to shoot him/herself.'

I'm a big fan of the jumping photos.





Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm *enjoying the weekend the best I can but I'm HIGH on allergy medicines!