Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I saw

Me and my buddy Jeremy - pic courtesy of Jason Brabbs

My trip to Columbus was cut short due to some major mess ups on my flight.  It was canceled both Thursday and Friday night, but thanks to some quick finangling on my boyfriend's part (who went to the airport both nights in anticipation of picking me up - poor guy) I was able to get on the early morning Saturday flight to Ohio.  It was a very busy weekend with a large part of it spent at the Asian Festival.  Jon served as chair of the performance committee for this year's festival.  He has worked extremely hard all year and I volunteered Saturday evening to support his efforts.  Attendance was great and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It was a really fun but exhausting evening.

I did manage to get some visiting in with the little time I had - brunches, BBQ's, family, visiting my friend and her little baby, and of course time with Jon. 

It was a short but, as always, sweet trip back to Ohio. 

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