Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catching up

The weekend went by so quickly!  In my haste to get to everything that was planned the camera was often forgotten and left at home.  Not many pictures of the weekend but I have to say it was great to catch up with some friends who were in from out of town.  

My friend Joe is in town until the end of the month.  He just started this fantastic company called Nobul where "private equity meets serial social entrepreneurship", helping nonprofits to move towards greater business sustainability and community effectiveness.  Pretty amazing.  Joe is extremely passionate about social change and community growth through entrepreneurship.  He also has one of the hardest work ethics I've ever seen in an individual.  I am really excited to see this project grow.

I also saw my friend Stephanie who opened The Gangway in Columbus, OH late last year.  It's an amazing space that is constantly changing and is totally malleable for any number of purposes - art gallery, party space, retail store front, meeting space, etc.  It's absolutely the perfect venue for the millions of creative and exciting ideas she has churning through her mind at any given time.  Stephanie is also a very talented photographer.  You can purchase prints of her work here.  

More soon!  xoxo

On Bedford for Williamsburg Walks

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