Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Save NYC Libraries

Alright my friends, serious business here.

Those of you in NYC may or may not be aware that our libraries are facing a huge budget cut this year.  HUGE!  From Save NYC Libraries:

"Libraries in New York City are facing a cumulative cut of more than 38% since Fiscal Year 2009. A cut this deep will devastate library services throughout the city, leaving the majority of locations open less than 30 hours a week. Hundreds of library workers will be laid off, a major loss of dedicated public servants. Access to materials and essential programs will be cut dramatically."

There are many ways that we can show our support and make it known that we absolutely oppose this budget cut.

Some upcoming events:

Saturday, June 4th
1:30pm to 2:00pm
NYPL Stephen A Schwarzman Building
41st at 5th Avenue

"Come out and give the library a big hug to show how much you love it! We will form a continuous human chain around the building. You can imagine us giving it a big squeeze. We LOVE the damn library people, let’s give it a snuggle."

Saturday, June 11th - Sunday, June 12th
Saturday at 4:00pm to Sunday at 4:00pm
Brooklyn Public Library Grand Army Plaza
10 Grand Army Plaza

"Say it loud, say it proud, we will be out again around the clock. Last year was tremendous, supporters there 
listening for every minute start to finish, readers raising their voices all day and all night."

Live out of town and want to show your support?

"To get started RIGHT NOW we are getting another postcard campaign going to our good friend and supporter City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. His office will be collecting postcards from all over the city (the country? the world?). He will present them to the City Council to support his case that libraries are an important public resource in our fair city.
Grab a postcard (any postcard will do), write a couple of words (seriously two words is enough), and drop it in the mail to Jimmy’s office. If you get your friends and family to write a card (each), put them all in an envelope and drop it in the mail. Keep a few in your pocket for when you are at a church, or a bar, or a library, or anywhere people care about free education and resources for everyone.
Here is the address, we rely upon you:
Jimmy Van Bramer
47-01 Queens Boulevard

Suite 205
Sunnyside, New York 11104"

If you live in the NY area please consider attending one of these events.  Wherever you live, please consider sending in a postcard or two (or two hundred!).  Hell, I'll even mail you some postcards to send if you need some.  Seriously.  Just email me.  Our libraries are important community resources and are staffed with some really amazing and dedicated people who should in no way be laid off because of a budget cut.  Please show your support and get the word out!

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