Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recent Random Points of Interest

Can you imagine waking up to this???  For a very steep fee you can sleep under the Indian Ocean when visiting the Maldives.  Adding it to the wanderlust list!  (via Apartment Therapy)

I recently saw a documentary about the Hood to Coast relay race at Indie Screen in Williamsburg.  (By the way, this is a great theater that is less than a year old.  They have a great selection of movies and it's actually a very pleasant experience going to see a movie there - read: not crowded or annoying - as opposed to going into the city to see a movie.  If you're local, please consider checking them out!)  This relay race covers a 200 mile course starting at Mount Hood that winds its way through Portland and then out to the coast (hence the name Hood to Coast).  You have a team of 12 people, all who run three different legs of the race.  The movie itself was really inspiring, enough so that I am going to start training for long distances again in the hopes that my friend gets a team together for next year's race.

The Museum of the Moving Image has a fantastic Jim Henson/Muppets exhibition on display this month.  On Sunday I'm meeting some of my friends to go see it!  Jon and I were able to attend the museum's opening this past winter and I'm anxious to go back.

Finally, I've been itching to get out to Rockaway Beach.  The weather has been atrocious as of late and I am dreaming of an afternoon by the ocean, preferably with an excellent book, a bunch of friends, and at least one frozen cocktail (although a mango on a stick would suffice in a pinch). 

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