Friday, July 8, 2011

The Weekend

New Hampshire in July

Wow, summer is has definitely arrived!  Jon is here this weekend and I'm so excited for all of the things we have planned in and around our neighborhood.

This evening we'll be heading to The City Reliquary in Williamsburg.  My good friend Lindsay (who is also an amazing photographer and artist) has arranged movie and live music events every Friday at The Reliquary for the rest of the summer.  All of the movies have a New York theme.  Tonight's choice?  GHOSTBUSTERS.  You can get all the information for tonight's and all future events here and here

Saturday we'll be attending the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Giglio Feast in Williamsburg.  It will be happening through July 17th and promises to be filled with delicious Italian food and pastries as well as crazy street fair rides and excellent people watching.

Later that evening I'll be taking Jon to his first Brooklyn Boogie at The Gym Park in Greenpoint.  There will be an Acro Yoga class followed by a dance party.  I always have an awesome time and have met some really lovely people through this event.

Enjoy your weekend and take advantage of that sunshine!  xo

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