Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend

Photo courtesy of Jason Brabbs

Goodness this weekend went by quickly.  Jon was in town and we went to a lot of places that we hadn't yet been to.

A few of my favorites:

Saturday afternoon we headed down to Prospect Heights for the Brooklyn Based event on Vanderbilt.  We met up with a couple friends who live in the neighborhood and did some bar hopping.  Hot Bird was one of the businesses participating in the event and I loved it.  The space was once used as an old auto repair shop and is now a spacious bar and eatery complete with some great outdoor space and ton of beers on tap.  They also make a great Old Fashioned.

Later that evening we met up with Jon and Lisa (who got engaged last weekend!!!) and went into the city for dinner at Nizza.  It's an Italian restaurant and they offer an extensive gluten-free menu.  The food was delicious and the prices were very reasonable.  They also had two different kind of goat cheese on the menu so Jon was in heaven.

Sunday we met up with some friends in Williamsburg for brunch at The Lovin Cup.  Their brunch menu has a lot of different choices and they offer some strong and tasty drinks (Pimm's Cups for our friends, some gin, hot sauce, cucumber, and lime concoction for Jon).  I had the shrimp and grits.  Our friend Joe went for the chicken and waffles.  Their buttermilk biscuits were delicious and freshly baked.  

Later that evening we headed down to DUMBO to meet up with one of Jon's friends at Superfine.  This place was great.  There's a small stage in the front of the restaurant and we got to hear some great country-tinged music from a trio on tour from Austin, Texas.  They have a limited menu that seems to change daily but everything that we ordered was really good.  I also had some cherry cocktail that was awesome.

Thankfully, after all this eating and drinking, Jon and I were able to find some time to run a few miles in the neighborhood.  It started raining but it actually made the fun more fun.  Also, rain with a little bit of a chill is preferable to hot and humid like it had been earlier in the day.  At least it is for me.

It was a short visit but we managed to see a lot of our friends and have some good quality time together.  Less than two weeks until the next visit.  Ah, the joys of a long distance relationship.  

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