Friday, August 26, 2011

The Weekend

Hurricane prep on Lorimer (Source)

This weekend I'll likely be huddled in my apartment with the cat waiting out a frickin' hurricane.  A hurricane in Brooklyn!  Insanity.  In the last year there's been a tornado in Park Slope, a freak blizzard, an earthquake, and now a hurricane.  Kind of hilarious.  Kind of scary.  

The storm's not supposed to hit until Sunday but there will be plenty of high winds and rain tomorrow.  Thankfully, today's been pretty gorgeous and I'm taking advantage of the weather while I can.

Tonight is the last music and movie screening at The City Reliquary.  There will be a screening of the documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot as well as a pie baking contest judged by the lovely ladies from Saltie.  There will also be lots of bourbon on hand to celebrate the beginning of the end of the world (just kidding).  Admission to the event is a suggested donation of $7 and pie is going for $3 a slice along with some ice-cream and coffee.  A sugar high and caffeine rush sounds like the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Have a safe and lovely weekend.  

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