Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hunter Jacket and My Fall Essentials

I found what I believe is the perfect Hunter Jacket for fall, and under $40 as well.

No point in paying an arm and a leg for a trend when you can find something just as rad for much, much less.  You can purchase it here.

This jacket will easily become a new favorite for me.  My other fall jacket staples include a denim jacket and a pea coat. 

I own a couple denim jackets.  One has a regular wash and more of a classic cut (similar to the one pictured above), the other is darker and more fitted.  I usually prefer to wear the first jacket.  It's a little roomier, thus easier to layer if need be.  It's also distressed to perfection as I've had it since my undergraduate years.

At one point in time I owned five (yikes!) pea coats, each a variation on the classic version.  I've since pared it down to two .  One is black, cropped, and has a detachable hood.  The other is vintage, a classic cut navy colored pea coat, and was found at a thrift store in Ohio.  The lining desperately needs to be replaced and I've had it for nearly 10 years but I still love it.  It's also the perfect coat for the transition between fall and winter (yes I am already thinking about winter).  I believe a pea coat should be a wardrobe staple for both men and women.  Seriously - there's just something about a dude in a pea coat...

Other fall favorites include lightweight scarves for layering (bright colors and patterns as well as soft muted neutrals and grays are my current favorites), tall boots (my favorite worn to death tall boots were bought from Target of all places.  Real leather, extremely comfortable, and look great over jeans, with tights and a short skirt, and even a few of my dresses), and hoodies and cardigans for layering under the previously mentioned denim jacket or pea coat.  Layering is key in order to comfortably adapt to the various temperature changes that occur in a fall day.  What are your favorite fall essentials?


  1. i have a denim jacket and i keep wondering if i'm living in the 80's when i put it on. good to know other cool peeps are sporting the denim. oh, and i kind of love you. just a little bit.

  2. Oh shit, you think I'm cool?


    That just made my night. Also, the girl love is totally mutual.