Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quick Notes

Goodbye Summer...

Things that I noticed today:

A young boy of about five was standing next to me on my commute this morning.  He already had the "look at nothing and don't talk to anyone" gaze already fixed expertly on his face.  Or maybe he was just tired like I was.

Walking to my office I was reminded how similar Hasidic teenage girl school uniforms match the midi-length skirt and button down combos I've been seeing around Williamsburg.  The only differences being a top knot in the place of a low ponytail + headband and more interesting shoes. 

I saw a little girl with her two little brothers walking down the sidewalk with a huge umbrella.  This very large umbrella engulfed all three of them making it appear as if this umbrella was attached to three pairs of short, stumbley, and small legs.

Walking into my laundromat there was no one there save for the owners, an Asian husband and wife.  I caught him putting her tag into her shirt and a very sweet look of affection exchanged between them.

Rainy, cold, and grey days make me nostalgic for fall in Ohio.   


  1. Central Ohio never ceased to amaze me when fall fell every year. Most areas of the country beautify when summer rolls in, heats ups, and makes everyone strip down. When the weather cools off, somehow Ohio manages to be one of the few places on earth that looks sexier in a cardigan than in a bikini. So to speak.

  2. This post tugs at my heartstrings. Love it.

  3. Sam - I think that is an accurate description for me as well. Ha!

    Gloria - Glad you liked it. :)