Friday, September 23, 2011

The Weekend

View from the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this year

I really wish it wasn't supposed to be so rainy this weekend!  Ah well.  A little rain never hurt anybody.  My plans include wedding and bridesmaid dress shopping with Lisa (I bet I cry at least twice seeing her in a wedding gown, maybe three times - feeling emo lately), seeing my friend's band Fool's Gold at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday (go here for ticket information - it's a late show and only $5!), and maybe making it down to DUMBO for the Arts Festival or the block party at Fulton and Grand.

If you're planning on being around Williamburg this weekend I encourage you to come to the Fool's Gold show on Saturday.  The last time I saw them it was in a small venue in Columbus, OH.  The weather was miserable, in the 90's and humid.  The AC was broken in the club so it was even hotter inside but every single person stayed and danced their asses off.  It was an incredible thing to witness and one of my top shows that year.  If you decide to come by drop me a note and we'll dance together.  Have a good weekend!

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