Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I Saw: Rockaway Beach & The Brooklyn Book Festival

Bobby, Ellen, and me at Rockaway Beach!

This past weekend I rode out to Rockaway Beach with my friend Ellen.  We met up with our friend who rode his bike from Bay Ridge.  The first NYC Honey Festival was taking place so we figured it would be the perfect destination for our ride.  Ellen and I ended up riding 25 interesting miles to celebrate the last bit of summer with a biking adventure.  

I enjoy embarrassing my friends.

Sunday I met up with my friend Michelle and we headed down to Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Book Festival.  We decided to go to a presentation in the morning and then later in the afternoon so that allowed us some time to run around Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.  We rode on the new carousel, got an ice cream cone, and had some quality time together.  It was, as Michelle said, a perfect weekend.

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