Monday, October 31, 2011

Wild Flag

This made my riot grrl heart skip a beat.

Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss (from Sleater-Kinney), Mary Timony (Helium), and Rebecca Cole (The Minders) are in a band.  And it's good, real good.  

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend I'll be traveling to Detroit for Jon's brother's wedding.  I'm looking foward to finally meeting his entire extended family, catching up with his parents and grandmother, and of course spending time with him.  Sadly, this means I'll be missing all the Halloween fun in New York but Lisa and I have made plans to watch the parade on Monday. 

Be safe and enjoy your weekend! 


My morning coffee cart got some new to go coffee cups. 
I was talking to a girlfriend last night about moving.  She doesn't hate where she is but she definitely needs a change of environment.  I told her what I tell myself all the time.  If you love it more than you hate it then stay.  If you hate it more than you love it then it's time to go.  This kind of thinking can be applied to any location and any situation.  For a while I thought it only made sense for New York because even if you love it there are many, many things to hate about living here.

Like this morning for instance.  I walked out from my apartment and immediately turned around and went back inside to change into a heavier coat because it is COLD today!  A jacket just didn't cut it.  The reminder that winter is on its way immediately soured my mood.  My train came on time but for some reason it was completely packed, like doors having to open and close several times at nearly every stop because people were packed in so tightly.  It hasn't been like this in months!  And I get up early specifically to avoid dealing with a train crammed full of people!  Then, while waiting in line for my usual morning coffee, this middle aged white man steps backward to make some room for someone without checking to see if someone is behind him (and it goes without saying that you should always check around you because it's safe to assume that someone will be behind you no matter where you are in New York) and steps squarely on my foot.  I said "Oh my god!".  He turned and said "Oh."  Oh?  OH???  No apology?  No nothing?  Just "Oh"?  I wanted to shame him for not apologizing but instead glared at him a few times, unwilling to expend the effort in talking that early in the morning.  I was in such a crappy mood but that changed when my coffee was handed to me.  This morning it came in a classic New York coffee cup - blue, iconic, and a total surprise.  Funny how a little thing like that changed my entire mood.  

Oh yes.  And the caffeine helped, too.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Having Girlfriends

My girlfriend Jen was in Brooklyn for a few days. 

My very dear friend Jen was in Brooklyn visiting her best girlfriend.  I got to see her and it was amazing to sit right next to her, to have her right in front of me as we talked and caught up.  I love this girl like crazy!

If you had asked me in high school what I thought about girls I would have told you that I didn't like them.  Except for the few girls that were my closest friends I preferred to hang out with the guys.  At that age my experience had taught me that girls were catty, mean, and gossipy.  Definitely not to be trusted. 

In college I met several girls who described themselves as I did, as a girl who didn't like girls.  Strangely enough we all ended up becoming friends and suddenly the girls who didn't like girls were hanging out all the time and holy crap, became a group of girlfriends. 

As an adult I truly appreciate and love my girlfriends.  I also understand that when I said I was a girl who didn't like other girls I didn't actually mean that I didn't like other women.  What I meant was that I didn't like the many negative things that come from having toxic friendships with the insecure and inconsiderate ones.  And guess what.  Those "mean girls" grow up, graduate from high school and college and continue on with their petty, backstabbing, and crappy ways.  However, those of us that have been burned before also grow up and find we have learned how to stand up for ourselves and have zero qualms stopping any interaction with those toxic people.  I regret that even as an adult I've wasted time and energy into what I thought were a couple solid and trusting friendships only to discover that these women were actually total a-holes, talking and gossiping about me behind my back and somehow thinking I would never find out.  Ridiculous.  However, because of those experiences I've found that I'm now able to recognize women that I know I can trust and that has led to some pretty amazing friendships.  I count myself very lucky to have the group of girlfriends that I do.  They are a diverse group of people who I've met at nearly every stage of my life, from elementary school to just last year shortly after moving to New York.  I still enjoy hanging out with my dude friends but there is definitely something special when it comes to my girlfriends.  I am a woman who loves other women.  And that's the truth!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We're a Culture, Not a Costume

Oh hi there.  So, Halloween is fast approaching.  Do you know what you're going to be?  This year maybe take some time to pause and think about this message the Students Teaching About Racism in Society from Ohio University are trying to spread.  Just a thought.  

Monday, October 24, 2011


My friends in Moon High on Saturday night

Saturday I got the chance to see my friends from Columbus play a show in Bushwick.  A lot of the Ohio gang were out to support them and they put on an amazing show.  They are what you could call neo-folk/alt-country (You like those music genres?  I just rolled my eyes at myself but you totally know what I mean!) filled with a whole lot of sweet two part harmonies interwoven with melodies from the guitar and flute.  It was a nice taste of home.

You can listen to (and purchase) Moon High's music here.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  It's the perfect soundtrack to this gorgeous fall weather.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Weekend

Hello!  This post is being published via email so I'm unsure as to how it will look.  Hopefully it doesn't look nutso.  Or, as my mom would say, "nutgo".  Also, I wish that fortune would have been spell checked.  Such a great sentiment but the meaning is kind of marred by that typo. 
The weather right now is really cool and crisp and, in my opinion, perfect.  The only thing that could make me happier is having Jon here to share in my favorite season.  Anyhow...
CMJ's Music Marathon shows and showcases have been happening all over Manhattan and Brooklyn this past week.  Tomorrow I'll be going to a few shows - first to support my Ohio friends from Moon High who are playing a free show in Bushwick and then to Fontana's in the city to support my Brooklyn friends in Spanish Prisoners (who strangely enough are from Columbus, but I didn't meet them until I got to Brooklyn through friends who are not from Ohio - I swear I have friends who are not from Ohio!  I do, I really do!).
There are also plans to again go out of the city and upstate, this time to Larchmont to have lunch with my aunt and her husband.  On Sunday I'm going to try out the kettlebell class that just started at my gym.  Oh yes, and the introductory Cross Fit class was great.  Difficult but great.  I think my friend and I are going to look into signing up with this gym.  I'm gonna get RIPPED! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


In Cold Spring with my boo

Hi there!  I haven't posted in a while as Jon was in town for a visit and we were very, very busy.  Also, my computer is acting like a total a-hole and I am considering a new laptop.  That's always fun.

Anyhow, I celebrated my birthday last week!  Thirty-two frickin' years old.  In my head it sounds like this - "THIRTY TWO?!?!?!"  Ha ha, actually I only paused to think about my new age a couple of times and I'm happy to be squarely in my thirties, thank you very much.  Jon and I had a really lovely visit.  We met up in Park Slope after I was done with work on my birthday and had some dinner.  After dinner we went to The Bell House with some friends for a meeting of The Secret Science Club.  The next day we headed out to Beacon, walked around the Dia modern art museum, somehow managed to run into a friend of mine who was also on a day trip out of Brooklyn, and later swam in the hotel pool.  Saturday we drove to Cold Spring and walked around.  Our verdict - Cold Spring is cuter than Beacon.  There.  I said it.  

There was a biker bar in idyllic Cold Spring - see all the bikers?

The leaves hadn't changed all that much but the weather was pretty and it was really nice to get out of the city.  We got back to Brooklyn and discovered that cauliflower can serve as both mashed potatoes AND rice.  Who knew!  We've been trying this primal lifestyle thing out for over a month and so far it's working out pretty well.  So well, in fact, that I am going to meet up with a girlfriend tonight for a free introductory class at Cross Fit Virtuosity in North Brooklyn.  I'm nervous and also excited.  I hope I don't puke.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girl Walk // All Day


Excited to see this.

Gothamist is releasing one chapter of Girl Walk // All Day, an epic music video filmed all over New York, every week starting in November.  You can check out videos from the making of this film here.  

Catching up

Edward Scissorhands at Habana Outpost

This weekend was a pretty busy one.  I went directly into the city after work on Friday and met up with a friend who was planning on spending the night at Occupy Wall Street.  We walked around, ran into some friends, and had several interesting conversations.

Yom Kippur service at Occupy Wall Street

The Yom Kippur service held at Occupy Wall Street was inspirational and moving.  They emphasized that the service was a place open to all people.  You can read a great article about the service and the organizers behind it here.

Saturday I headed to BAM for a late night dance party celebrating the 9th anniversary of Melting Pot Global, a monthly dance night with amazing house DJ's.  It was so much fun to go dance and get back to my old party kid roots (more on that in another post).  When we left late in the night there was a line of people waiting to get in.  Needless to say the place was packed and was filled with a really diverse crowd and the sickest dancers. 

Sunday I participated in Get to the Point, a 5K that's been held in Greenpoint for almost 20 years.  It was an unusually hot day with the high in the mid-80's which pretty much killed me.  I walked a few times but I finished the race and had a good time hanging out and taking part in something that made me feel like I was in a small town.  I love my neighborhood.

Later that evening I tried to get into the Brooklyn Night Bazaar but it just didn't happen.  There were two lines to get in that were barely moving, each over a block long.  This is all that I got to see.

I'm positive they'll be having this event again.  I'll just have to remember to get there early in order to beat the crowd and to actually get into the venue.  My friend and I ended up at Habana Outpost for dinner and enjoyed a screening of Edward Scissorhands.

Jon is due to come into town tomorrow evening.  We have a lot of fun stuff planned including a trip out of the city to Beacon, celebrating my birthday (eeks!) on Thursday at The Bell House for the latest installment of The Secret Science Club, The Creators Project in DUMBO on Saturday night (it is a free event but you need to RSVP on their site - all music performances are on Saturday night and the line-up looks incredible!  Florence and the Machine anyone?), and maybe a trip out to Long Island for their annual Oyster Festival.  More soon!  

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Weekend

Protest sign from Occupy Wall Street

I am feeling so lazy right now.  Even though it's a gorgeous day outside I just want to get back in my bed and sleep for a few more hours.  Maybe it's not laziness.  Maybe this is my body saying "Go the f*ck to sleep woman so that I can recover from this week!"  Regardless, I'm not listening.  I've got too much to do!


Yoko Ono has leased a building at 76 Wooster Street to celebrate what would have been Jon Lennon's 71st birthday.

From Gothamist:

"According to the Observer, the visual tribute to her late husband (called Gimme Some Truth) will be on view from October 7th to 10th, and the space will house Lennon's artwork... which you can buy (this is to benefit Citymeals-on-Wheels). The 100 pieces were created by Lennon between 1964 and 1980.

'The artwork for sale consists of lithographs, seriographs and copper etchings of the pen, pencil and Japanese sumi ink drawings of John Lennon, and each are “signed” in the Japanese tradition with Mr. Lennon’s “chop,” a personalized red stamp which in his case reads “Like a Cloud, Beautiful Sound.” Also available are lithographs of some rare Bag One drawings, the portfolio of wedding drawings and controversial erotic works (some depicting himself and his wife), which Mr. Lennon gave Ms. Ono at their wedding.' "

The gallery is open until 7pm tonight, from 11am to 6pm on Sunday (Jon Lennon's birthday), and from 11am to 6pm on Monday.

Tonight there is a late night dance party happening at BAM Cafe.

From their event page:

"MELTING POT GLOBAL invites you to 9 YEAR ANNIVERSARY @ the center of the home for adventurous artists, audiences, and ideas, BAMcafe!

On Saturday, October 8th, the event that NYC Cool calls "an amazing auditory, visual, and highly charged experience" will celebrate 9 years of exposing the underground dance music to the masses. For this special occasion, founder DJs Kervyn Mark and Kamala Jefferson—members of the tour-de-force underground dance collective come together to bring you the best in deep, soulful house. Long time Melting Pot Global members, Reggie Johnson (WBAI-FM), Louis "Loose" Kee, Daren and "Loftkid" Luis are hosts of this late-night dance party in BAMcafĂ©. Get your groove on until 3:30am.

The party starts at 11pm, and it's free!  You can find more info here.  
On Sunday evening, the long awaited Brooklyn Night Bazaar will be happening, starting at 5pm at the Dekalb Market for a single night.

From the event page:
"We are super excited to announce the inaugural Brooklyn Night Bazaar to be held at Dekalb Market for a single night – Sunday October 9, from 5PM to 12 Midnight. The inspiration for the event comes from the night markets across Asia. On this night we will be showcasing local artists, vendors and musicians from Brooklyn and beyond. Here’s what you can expect to experience:

· Live music with YACHT, Monogold, Trouble Andrew and DJ Sets
· More than 50 independent merchant and food vendors
· Beer & wine garden featuring local breweries courtesy Sixpoint, Great Brewers
and Brooklyn Winery
· Light and sculpture installation by Jason Krugman
· Games like Petanque and more"

The event is free to the public but the music performances do require you to purchase a ticket.  

Enjoy your weekend and take advantage of this gorgeous weather!  xo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sophie Blackall & Missed Connections

Tonight I'll be heading to WORD to celebrate Sophie Blackall's new book, "Missed Connections: Love, Lost & Found".  Sophie Blackall is the genius illustrator whom I've been following for a while now.  She illustrates Missed Connections posts from New York City's Craigslist.  Her subsequent illustrations are whimsical and sweet and most definitely beautiful works of art.
WORD is located in Greenpoint at 126 Franklin Street, near the corner of Franklin and Milton Street.  The party is due to start at 7:00pm complete with real life stories of audience members' missed connections.  Copies of the book will be available for purchase and the author will be present for signatures.  I'm excited to see this woman speak after being an admirer of her work for so long.  I love my neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knit Wit

The air around here has changed with Fall rushing in.  I swear, one day it was hot and humid and the next it was chilly enough to require an extra layer.  I'm certainly not complaining.  Fall is my favorite season and I'm excited to experience it fully for the first time in New York.  It will be strange not to be in Ohio as the leaves start to change.  Fall in Ohio is a glorious thing - big blue skies, bonfires and beers, hiking, evening walks in quiet neighborhoods with the rustling of leaves to accompany you.  I could go on and on.  From what I've been told, Fall in New York is pretty glorious as well.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

As it's gotten colder I've decided to take up knitting again.  I'm starting with a dusty blue cowl, inspired by the chunky knits that I've seen lately in the stores.  My girlfriend said the other day that we should start a knitting group.  I would love that!  I've had a few meet-ups where people got together to knit but really it was an excuse to hang out and have some wine.  Isn't that how most activity oriented groups end up anyhow?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I Saw: Chile Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Nuit Blanche, and Birthdays!

Saturday was awesome!  I had a lot on my agenda and actually managed to accomplish all of it.  Usually when I plan out a day and evening with three or more things I end up exhausting myself somewhere in the middle but thankfully that didn't happen this time.

I met up with some friends at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for the Chile Festival.  There were a few different areas set up all around the grounds with different themes.  One area had food, beer and live music.  Another had farmers and local artisans selling their chile peppers, spices, and various pickled things.  My favorite area offered chocolate and chile creations, including chocolate (natch), spiced hot cocoa, and a black and tan made from chocolate stout and chile beer.  Yum.

Admission to the garden was included with the cost for the festival.  It was my first time there and I really enjoyed walking around and exploring the gardens.


I met up with some friends at the Brooklyn Museum and we stayed for a little bit of music and salsa dancing.    I was eager to get back to Greenpoint for Nuit Blanche/Bring to Light Festival that was happening on Franklin Ave.  There were light and sound installations spanning several blocks by the water.  I'm definitely going again next year.


 This photo featured recently on The Greenpointers

Then it was off to Duane Park in the city for birthday celebrations.

My friend and her boyfriend's birthday are only a few days apart.  He has a standing gig on Saturday evenings at Duane Park for their weekend burlesque show so we decided to end the night with some drinks and entertainment.

It was a really lovely Saturday.  I'd say it was a pretty good start to this year's fall.

What I Saw: ESPO - Love Letter to Brooklyn

On my way to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden I saw ESPO's Love Letter to Brooklyn on Macy's parking garage  on Hoyt Street between Rivington and Fulton in downtown Brooklyn.  

More info here.

Totally put a smile on my face.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sometimes I Hate Technology


My computer is acting up.  Thus the lack of blog posts this week.

Fingers crossed that this will be resolved soon.  I have so much I want to share from this past weekend!

More soon (hopefully).