Friday, October 28, 2011


My morning coffee cart got some new to go coffee cups. 
I was talking to a girlfriend last night about moving.  She doesn't hate where she is but she definitely needs a change of environment.  I told her what I tell myself all the time.  If you love it more than you hate it then stay.  If you hate it more than you love it then it's time to go.  This kind of thinking can be applied to any location and any situation.  For a while I thought it only made sense for New York because even if you love it there are many, many things to hate about living here.

Like this morning for instance.  I walked out from my apartment and immediately turned around and went back inside to change into a heavier coat because it is COLD today!  A jacket just didn't cut it.  The reminder that winter is on its way immediately soured my mood.  My train came on time but for some reason it was completely packed, like doors having to open and close several times at nearly every stop because people were packed in so tightly.  It hasn't been like this in months!  And I get up early specifically to avoid dealing with a train crammed full of people!  Then, while waiting in line for my usual morning coffee, this middle aged white man steps backward to make some room for someone without checking to see if someone is behind him (and it goes without saying that you should always check around you because it's safe to assume that someone will be behind you no matter where you are in New York) and steps squarely on my foot.  I said "Oh my god!".  He turned and said "Oh."  Oh?  OH???  No apology?  No nothing?  Just "Oh"?  I wanted to shame him for not apologizing but instead glared at him a few times, unwilling to expend the effort in talking that early in the morning.  I was in such a crappy mood but that changed when my coffee was handed to me.  This morning it came in a classic New York coffee cup - blue, iconic, and a total surprise.  Funny how a little thing like that changed my entire mood.  

Oh yes.  And the caffeine helped, too.

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