Friday, October 21, 2011

The Weekend

Hello!  This post is being published via email so I'm unsure as to how it will look.  Hopefully it doesn't look nutso.  Or, as my mom would say, "nutgo".  Also, I wish that fortune would have been spell checked.  Such a great sentiment but the meaning is kind of marred by that typo. 
The weather right now is really cool and crisp and, in my opinion, perfect.  The only thing that could make me happier is having Jon here to share in my favorite season.  Anyhow...
CMJ's Music Marathon shows and showcases have been happening all over Manhattan and Brooklyn this past week.  Tomorrow I'll be going to a few shows - first to support my Ohio friends from Moon High who are playing a free show in Bushwick and then to Fontana's in the city to support my Brooklyn friends in Spanish Prisoners (who strangely enough are from Columbus, but I didn't meet them until I got to Brooklyn through friends who are not from Ohio - I swear I have friends who are not from Ohio!  I do, I really do!).
There are also plans to again go out of the city and upstate, this time to Larchmont to have lunch with my aunt and her husband.  On Sunday I'm going to try out the kettlebell class that just started at my gym.  Oh yes, and the introductory Cross Fit class was great.  Difficult but great.  I think my friend and I are going to look into signing up with this gym.  I'm gonna get RIPPED! 


  1. please don't get ripped. or get normal person ripped. not like madonna ripped.

  2. No worries. This is an experiment and will not lead to anything near to this:

    Aiming for something more like this: