Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Missing Someone

Me and Jon at his brother's wedding this past weekend.
This past weekend was spent in downtown Detroit with Jon and his family for his brother's wedding.  I was able to meet his entire extended family for the first time.  Did I mention that his mother is one of ten children?  Yes, one of ten - five girls and five boys.  Needless to say there were lots of introductions and a few times where I whispered to Jon that I would never remember everyone's names.  (Apparently he had a hard time remembering everyone's names as well when he was younger so he told me I shouldn't worry about it.)
Nearly everyone lives close to where they grew up in Southern Ohio, right outside of Cincinnati.  Jon's grandmother, along with several of his aunts and cousins, told me how important family is to them.  This family is one that not only loves each other but genuinely likes one another.  That was pretty awesome to witness.
So, what does this have to do with me missing people?  Well, over the weekend I started thinking about my own little (by comparison) family.  My brother and I are very close and my relationship with my parents is the best it's been thus far in my adult life.  Sadly I won't be seeing them until the holidays in December.  Being with Jon and finding time for just the two of us amidst the insanity of the wedding weekend was amazing as usual but we won't be seeing each other for over a month as we are both trying to save money by lengthening the time between visits.  Knowing this of course made me sad.  Seeing photos from Halloween of my friends and their children made me miss those chilly fall nights we would sit and pass out candy, carve pumpkins, and share a whiskey or two by a backyard bonfire.  I think the fall weather is making me nostalgic.
The question of whether I would ever move back to Ohio came up a few times this past weekend.  The answer is yes, of course I would move back.  The question is not if but when - when would that happen?  I'm certainly not ready to leave New York.  I've only just gotten here and want to stay here for a long while.
But being happy in New York doesn't change the fact that I really miss those that I left in Ohio. 
It does make me appreciate the time we have together that much more.
But I still miss people. 

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