Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago I was preparing to move east.  Tomorrow will be my first anniversary of living in New York.  I distinctly remember the conflicting feelings I had over moving.  Jon and I had recently met and fallen for each other, all the while knowing that the day I would be leaving Ohio was looming ahead of us.  We didn't know how we were going to make this long distance relationship work, only that it would because there was no other choice.  I remember wondering how I would adjust to a new city and how much I was going to miss my family and friends.  I also wondered about how my relationships would change with me being so far away.

I'm glad to say that this last year has been relatively easy.  Living in New York is in itself very hard.  Well, at least compared to life in the Midwest.  Living here is of course completely different from visiting but really, I love it.  Yes, I miss my friends and family and boyfriend but these relationships and emotional connections have managed to be maintained and to grow, even while factoring in the large distance between me and Ohio.  I've also made some friends here who are very important to me while also getting reacquainted with old friends who had moved to Brooklyn years before me.  And of course, having my best friend less than 5 minutes walking distance away from me has been a luxury that I have quickly become accustomed to.

This year went by so quickly.  I feel like I only just got here but at the same time I feel like I've lived in Brooklyn for years and years.  Time has a weight about it here.  I think it's because you try and cram so many things into a day.  The end result is a week feeling like a month.

People tell me the first year in a new city is the hardest and that it gets better from there.  My first year was pretty amazing and easy.  There were a few moments of home sickness and general depression but in all honesty it was one of the easiest transitions I've ever experienced.  I count myself very lucky and am very thankful for that.

I'm so excited to see what this next year will bring. 


  1. Happy NYC anniversary!

    It's great to read this post and hear about the positive experiences of someone in a similar situation to mine. I always wonder what I'll be saying in my own one year anniversary post next June. This city holds so much possibility for all of us :-)

  2. Thanks doll! It's been nice to have a minute to sit back and reflect on this crazy whirlwind of a year.

  3. Happy one year NYC anniversary! I liked reading this post, thanks for sharing. I never moved away from home when I was younger, so admire those who do and especially to a new city! Can imagine it must be that mixture of excitement re: new place and sadness due to missing family/friends...
    Ronnie xo