Friday, November 4, 2011

The Weekend

I had my scarf looped around my neck a little tighter this morning on my way to the train.  It was a little overcast and more than a little windy.  That coupled with the crunchy dead leaves underfoot made it a decidedly fall morning.  I love it!

This weekend starts off with me working the door for tonight's Shambhala Dance Hall

From their website:

"This is a community dance, modeled after NYC's Barefoot Boogie and Boston's Dance Freedom. Come freestyle dance in Shambhala's beautiful studio."

Admission is a sliding scale fee, $5 - $10. 

Saturday my friends and I will be heading back down to Prospect Heights for an evening at the Brooklyn Museum for another installment of their Target First Saturdays.  I'm hoping that we get to check out any one of the new eateries that have recently opened in that neighborhood before getting lost in the museum.

Sunday I'm planning on getting up early to cheer on the participants of the New York City MarathonBrokelyn has a great list of the best marathon watching spots in Brooklyn.  My lovely little neighborhood, Greenpoint, is on the list.  My plan is to post up right at Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenue, get highly caffeinated, and yell encouraging things to everyone who runs by.  I'm hoping to be able to see a couple of my friends who are running the marathon so that I can give them a high five as they run by. 


  1. Love the high fives. When I ran Columbus a few weeks ago, there were lots of high five givers both young & old, including one with a sign advertising "Free High Fives". People that just randomly come out and support runners are part of why I love running.

  2. I'm totally making a sign!!!! :)