Monday, December 26, 2011


This was at the front door of my parents' home waiting to greet us.

Back in Brooklyn.  I miss Jon and my family and friends already.  I'll be back for a quick trip this weekend for New Year's so thankfully I won't have to miss them for too long.  Anyhow, some photos from the trip back to Ohio.

Cats in clothing will always be funny.

Jon made some gift tags.

So did my brother.

The dapper Kim men (and my dad in his traditional Christmas outfit).

The Kim family!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


  1. That snowman looks evil. And that kitty is not happy.

  2. The snowman is not evil!!! But yes, the kitty is not happy at all.

  3. I agree, kitty does NOT look happy! But seems like you had a great holiday anyway :-)