Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Waiting

I'm having a difficult time concentrating today.  Jon arrives this evening and every time I think of finally seeing him in person my stomach drops a little with anticipation and excitement.  I hate that we have 550 miles between us but I'm thankful that the excitement of being together hasn't lessened in the 1+ year we've been together. 
I keep going over all the things that we have planned for this visit.
Friday I am taking off work and we are heading straight to the New Museum in the morning to beat the crowds for Carson Höller's installation.  Later that evening we have our friends' annual Glöggfest (!!!) to attend in Bushwick and then a trip to Park Slope for another friend's performance of a live instrumental soundtrack to a silent movie at Bar 4 (event info here). 
We've RSVP'd for the New York premier of Girl Walk All Day, a feature length dance music video shot all over New York and set to Girl Talk's album All Day.  The premier is being held at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on December 8.  This event is free and there is a party afterward.  You can see the trailer for the movie here and RSVP for the event here
We have tickets for Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal's comedy show, Pretty Good Friends, at The Bell House on December 11th. 
I want to skate at this ice skating rink, go Christmas shopping at the Brooklyn Flea at Skylight One Hanson, and stay out all night dancing with my dude.
Just 10 more hours to go.
* Lisa's sister is visiting this weekend as well.  We figured out that she and Jon are on the same flight into NYC.  Lisa gave her sister instructions to yell Jon's name out at the airport and then run away to see if he notices.  I told him to look for someone who looks like Lisa.  We're picking them up together this evening. 

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