Monday, December 5, 2011

A Short Respite

I'm taking a little time away from blogging as Jon is in town for the next week or so.  We've already done so much and his trip has only begun.  We've been to The New Museum and slid down Carson Höller's 3 story slide.  Jon braved the sensory deprivation tank.  We rearranged the kitchen and made plans for improvements to the rest of the apartment.  We stopped to take a look at the tree at Rockafeller Center, helped make Swedish open-faced sandwiches for our friends' Glöggfest, and had a very sweet and special walk by the East River in Williamsburg (more on that later). 
We have a lot more fun stuff planned for this week and a lot of celebrating to do.  So, I will see you in a week!

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