Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love on the Subway

Last week I encountered three different couples while on the subway.

The first couple was standing next to me on a very crowded train during my morning commute.  They were standing face to face and were not talking to each other or being outwardly affectionate.  Then I noticed that their hands were entwined with each other's while also holding onto the pole.  Seeing that made me smile - such a small action but so sweet and intimate.  I also noticed that the guy had a large black duffle bag with him, complete with a luggage tag from JFK.  It made me wonder if they were also in a long distance relationship.

I saw the second couple while waiting on the platform for the suwbay later in the evening.  I was trying to read my book but could barely concentrate because of the giggling and teasing happening a few feet away from me.  The train came and I ended up on the same car as this couple - actually, they sat right next to me.  There was a great deal of giddy poking and silly comments thrown back and forth between the two and that continuous giggling.  They looked to be in their mid-twenties and, in my mind, obviously in the early, EARLY stages of dating.

The last couple was sitting in front of me on the suwbay as I made my way home.  They were probably only a few years older than me.  They ended up getting off at my stop.  They walked in front of me, hand in hand and I marveled at the difference in height between the two of them, the man being at least a foot taller than the woman.  Then the man leaned down to give the woman a kiss.  She literally pulled away from him, said something I couldn't hear, and then let go of his hand.  They kept walking and talking as normal.  I don't know what happened there but witnessing that moment made me a little sad.

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