Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Sky Is Falling

Ah the joys of homeownership from two states away.

I may or may not have mentioned on here before that I still own a home in Columbus. The first year that I moved here my friends moved in and when their lease was nearly up they ended up moving to Brooklyn and into my neighborhood.  The current tenants were the first people that my friends recommended to take their place.  They have been great tenants and they love the house as much as I do.  Unfortunately, I got a call earlier this week that there was a leak in the kitchen ceiling coming from the upstairs bathroom.  This had happened years ago when I lived in the house and the leak was repaired with no difficulty.  This week is a different story.  The house is lovely but old, and as old houses go things need to be replaced.  This includes the lead pipes for the bathroom plumbing.  This morning I've spent mainly on the phone trying to coordinate different plumbers to come in and get an estimate of the work done while making sure it jives with my tenants' schedules.  They've been really understanding and very cool about the whole thing.  It's difficult handling all of this being so far away.  Here's hoping that this repair doesn't cost a crap ton of money.  Here's also hoping that it gets fixed quickly, thoroughly, and well. 

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