Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things to Come

Me and Jon on NYE. 

Do you make resolutions?  Do you stick to your resolutions? 

I always have a few that I kick around at every year's end but I have never really taken them seriously.  This year is a little bit different.

There are some big things happening this year.  One is, of course, planning a wedding with Jon and getting married!  The other - going back to school while continuing to work full-time.  When my mother heard about my acceptance into this program she very gently asked "Are you sure you're going to have enough time for everything this year?"  I know I will be fine but I've decided I need to set some general ground rules in order to keep my sanity for this coming year.  I guess you could think of these as my resolutions for this coming year.

This includes:

1.  Do not fall down the wedding hole.*  And remember to thank Jon when he saves me from said wedding hole.

2.  Stay on top of my school work so as not to repeat the procrastinating and stressy tendencies from my undergraduate years.  The study habits of this 32 year old should be much improved from that of the 17 - 21 year old self from years past.

3.  Continue to stay active and exercise in order to discourage fatigue, both mental and physical, and to alleviate stress. 

Practical and necessary, yes?

I can think of a million other things I want to accomplish this year but to write them all down will just make me crazy.  I have a feeling I already have enough on my plate but I'm absolutely sure that won't stop me from taking on a million other projects.  We'll see.

* The wedding hole is when you fall down the excess of bridal style blogs and one thing leads to another and another and another until you feel like your brain is going to leak out of your ears and the amount of stress starts to weigh heavily on your shoulders.

At least that's what I think it is.


  1. Good luck with it all! I have some experience with the work + school situation so if you ever want to talk about any of it, let me know.

    (For my personality type, aka The Perfectionist, the hardest thing is to let go when I am imperfect, like not exercising when I want to or mess up something I wanted to do at a specific time, so learning to let go of that has been a big area of personal growth the last few years!)

  2. Thanks babe - appreciate the support. :) xo