Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In the Works

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It's only Wednesday but I'm thinking about the weekend.  Jon will be back in Brooklyn tomorrow evening and we have a slew of activities planned.  The best part is that it's all pretty much in our neighborhood.

Friday we will be meeting up with a group of our friends at WORD on Franklin for Just Working On My Breakup

"Just Working On My Novel returns from winter hibernation with a freshly broken heart! For this installment, we're nodding towards Valentine's Day and flipping it off by asking for your sad stories, your breakup stories, your humiliating stores of love gone bad. Bonus points if your story ends hilariously instead of tragically (and triple points for both). Memoir and fiction welcome, with a ten-minute time limit. February's host is the esteemed and in-freaking-credible Jean Grae: rapper, singer, writer, and probably chef, too. RSVP in advance to read to Bring: yourself, a bottle of wine, your friends. You can RSVP on Facebook too, if you just want us to save you a chair."

Saturday Jon and I will be taking a breakdancing class at Human at Ease.  Lisa and I have been going there for the past few weeks for some of their fitness classes and also had a personal training session.  The staff is really friendly and genuine.  The space is gorgeous and pleasant.  Also, they will work your ass OUT.  :)

Sunday we'll be hitting up the Brooklyn Brewery during the day for Smorgasbrewery, a weekly collection of an ever rotating list of vendors who participate in the summer's Smorgasburg.  There are also free tours of the brewery every hour.  I'm looking forward to trying their new brew, Mary's Maple Porter

Later that evening we'll be heading over to Union Pool to see Fred Armisen's show, "Fred Armisen's Playlist Live."  No idea what to expect but I'm sure it will be ridiculous.

So that is what has been on my mind since this morning.  From now until tomorrow evening when Jon gets into town I will somehow have to manage getting the apartment in order (it looks like a crazy woman moved in - when I'm busy the apartment turns into a wreck!), get some exercise in, and do a little studying.  If I actually get all of this done by the time Jon gets home I will be very impressed with myself.  We shall see.

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