Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Felt Flowers

Sunday afternoon I'll be heading into the city for a one hour introductory meditation class with a friend.  We had an email exchange shortly after my post on meditation and she suggested we attend this class.  I've been thinking more about meditation and have noticed that crafting is almost like meditating for me.  Yes, making hundreds of paper stars was tedious.  Yes, cutting out pieces of felt and sewing them into flowers can be monotonous.  However, I've found that in these acts I've been able to sit with my thoughts.
I think that was important for me to realize.  There's a reason why I have always been drawn to making things with my hands.  I used to think of it as a mindless behavior but it's not.  There's intent in creating something, tedious acts with a purpose.  More importantly, it's time that I set aside to be with myself.

It's a good thing I've framed it this for myself way because there's a lot more crafting to do.


  1. They're lovely, just like you <3 I feel the same way about my art making ;)

  2. Knitting and crochet are like that - a zillion little identical actions which result in not only a beautiful finished object but also a zillion little kind thoughts for the recipient of the effort.

    1. Ellen - that's a very nice sentiment. Glad you shared it.