Thursday, May 3, 2012

For All The Rad Girls: Coven Magazine

I just discovered this brand new magazine based out of the UK.  Coven Magazine redefines what a woman's magazine is with the perfect blend of adventure and art and everything in between.

From their website:

"From bonafide legends to the newcomers making waves, Coven bring you features on the most exciting women in action sports, design, illustration, photography and more.
Travel and culture, art and style, an inspiring, informative, original magazine for women interested in more than diets and celebrities."

Action, art, and adventure - my little skating/biking/drumming/crafty heart has fallen hard for this magazine.  
The first issue has interviews of women who BMX, rock climb, make amazing art, and more.  All accompanied by gorgeous photography and interesting articles.  Unfortunately distribution is currently limited to the UK but you can head over to their website and read Coven Magazine online.  Check it out!!!