Friday, May 25, 2012

The Weekend

After some zydeco and two stepping thanks to Celebrate Brooklyn.

There is a lot going on this long Memorial Day weekend and it looks like the weather is actually going to be clear and sunny.  Finally, a reprieve from this crazy rain we've been having all week.

My plans include a stop down to the 8th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day taking place at the City Reliquary, a trip to MoMA to finally see the Cindy Sherman exhibit,  drinks with friends at my new favorite neighborhood bar, brunch with a friend who will be in town from Ohio, and a trip to Chinatown with Jon. 

Enjoy your weekend!  More soon.  xo


  1. Sounds like a fun holiday weekend. Cheers!

  2. Thanks buddy! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I would love to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit - it looks so cool! Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great rest of the day!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Hope you enjoy the long weekend!