Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Time feels like it's been on fast forward for these last few weeks.  I'm adjusting to a new work schedule and working like a maniac, preparing for my best friend's wedding as well as my own, writing a piece for a storytelling session next month, keeping up with my other writing contributions, and basically trying to keep my head above water.  It feels good to be busy, to be pushed into productivity.  But you know what is also good?  To have some time to do nothing.  To sit and read a book in the park rather than on the commute between work and home.  To take a walk around the neighborhood with my sweetheart, stopping at places we haven't been before.  To have a long, leisurely dinner with friends, catching up and enjoying each others' company.  Is it crazy to think that I can have both?


  1. No, it's not. (And when you discover how to do it all, please let me know.)