Thursday, June 14, 2012

Make It Count

Jon and I didn't have a lot of one on one time this weekend but we did manage to grab a few hours together Sunday morning.   We walked through the neighborhood and on to the Williamsburg Flea, revisited the site of our engagement and took a quick trip on the East River Ferry.  As we were walking from the pier back to our apartment we ran into two older women who were decked out in big floppy sunhats.  They had made the trip from Manhattan to explore Greenpoint because they had heard it was the new hip neighborhood and needed some directions.  They were hilarious, complaining about people riding bikes without helmets (to quote one of the women, "What's up with that?"  Wear your helmets people!), about their family connections to Ohio and explanations about why they thought New York was the perfect place for them to grow old.  We gave them directions to the interesting parts of the neighborhood and Williamsburg (they wanted to explore that other "hip" neighborhood as well) and left feeling lighter and happier after a weekend of some pretty heavy moments spent in the hospital with a friend.

These women had been friends for nearly their entire adult lives and had been through everything together.  This weekend was a reminder to hold your friends close.  It was a reminder that the bonds you make, the ones that run deep and span years of your life, are the ones that give you strength.  Even if you are states and countries away those connections stay strong.  These are the people that hold you up.

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