Friday, July 20, 2012

Better When Shared

My favorite summer snack - berries and almond butter.

I think I've mentioned before how I'm not one who cooks all that much. I have the tendency to throw things together that are quick and easy and when the summer heat sets in I'm even less likely to spend any more time that I have to in a hot kitchen. When Jon's in Brooklyn I enjoy cooking for the two of us but when it's just me I don't feel like it's worth the time or effort. Awful, I know. (I do have to mention that my eating habits have gotten much better over the years. I used to joke about how I ate like a frat boy - bowls of cereal for dinner would be a pretty normal occurrence.) I'm so thankful for the fresh produce that's available to me in the summer months because it makes this whole business of feeding myself so much easier. I keep telling myself that I should spend more time on cooking at home and learning more about cooking but really I would rather spend my time doing something else. I know I'm a good cook and I have a decent handle on the basics but until I have another mouth (or mouths... oh boy, that's a whole other thread) to feed I'm not going to stress out about it. On the plus side my salads are tremendous and it keeps the dirty dishes that I have to wash at a minimum.

Jon's back this weekend after a long trip in the Netherlands and I'm happy to say that we'll be cooking together. It's always more fun for me when I get to cook with someone. Is it that way with you?

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