Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brownstone Brooklyn

Yesterday I had a nice walk from the train to meet up with Jon and his friends at a restaurant in Fort Greene. Fort Greene is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn and I had to stop and take a couple photos of the brownstones that I kept passing. Block after block are filled with these buildings, covered in ivy and equipped with sprawling stoops that put my tiny Greenpoint stoop to shame. It was a really idyllic walk - not too warm with a constant breeze and the sun hitting the faces of the brownstones in the best possible way.

It felt very old world and romantic.

But then I happened upon a large stack of furniture encased in plastic and duct tape due to what I could only assume were bedbugs.

That totally killed the mood.

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  1. Fort Greene is also one of my favorite place it is one of the most beautiful brownstone structure i have ever seen by seeing your post i remember my old days thanks for the post!!!!