Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Me and my Fred Flare ladies.

When I first started my job I was disappointed that I didn't have many coworkers who were around my age. Actually, now that I think about it I had no coworkers who were around my age. Everyone was very pleasant and friendly but with twenty to thirty years between us the idea of having an active friendship outside of work was not likely. The good thing about this was that it forced me to put forth a real effort to meet new people outside of work because there was no ready-made social group waiting for me at this job. 

When I started working at Fred Flare I was happy to be working with people who were closer to me in age but after a few weeks I realized that I was one of the oldest in the group. No one knew that until about a month ago when I said something about turning 33 in a couple of months and one of my coworkers almost fell to the ground in shock. She had thought that I was a good five or six years younger. Thank you mom and dad for my very good genes.

I am very happy in both of my work situations. A couple people started working in my department at my full-time job and we're all pretty close in age and like each other a lot. My coworkers at Fred Flare are young and hilarious and keep me abreast of all the pop culture references and memes and whatever that are totally not on my radar because I am older than them.

It's a little weird to be in two very different work environments but I guess contradictions have always been a consistent theme in my life. Clinical research and nerdy science stuff on the one hand and rock shows and partying (although not so much of that lately - I work too much and need my sleep!) on the other. That was the bread and butter of my twenties and for a couple years into my thirties.

Is it strange to say that I feel like I've calmed down a little bit? My insistence on being crazy social and filling my calendar has somewhat diminished and that I'm making sure to have time for myself. I'm definitely still busy but it's with different things - work, work, and working out (ha). But seriously, keeping myself busy is something that I doubt will ever change, but I'm OK with making sure that I have the time to take care of myself. Sometimes time spent at home or doing something low key is the priority. Maybe this is a sign of growing up, I don't know. Whatever it is I'm feeling a shift in what's important to me lately. 

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