Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Saw: Summer Streets 2012

Saturday Jon and I met up with a few of our friends and headed out to the city for this year's Summer Streets. We took a different route into the city heading north from Greenpoint to Queens and over the Queensborough Bridge. Once we got into the city we merged in with thousands of other bikers and pedestrians on Park Avenue and rode south. We had a later start in the morning so the route was packed. It was still an amazing experience riding through Manhattan on the car free streets. It was especially surreal to ride by Union Square and the weekend farmers market. We eventually made it to the Williamsburg Bridge and headed back to the neighborhood for some well deserved cocktails and our friend's jazz set at The Manhattan Inn. I'm going back again Saturday but plan on getting up early so that I can beat the crowds. If you're in New York this weekend you should consider participating! There's free bike rentals available along the route and plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

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