Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weekend

Me and the girls - 10 points if you know where this is.

Jon is here and we're making some frantic preparations to get the apartment in order for his official move to Brooklyn which is happening in just a few short weeks. It's crazy how much stuff one woman can accumulate in two years. It's never been so obvious as it is right now. 

Thankfully we've carved out some time to head to the Breukelen County Fair at the Wyckoff House on Saturday. It's hilarious and intriguing to two native midwesterners to be attending a county fair in Brooklyn. I'm definitely excited and hoping for some fair food. Sunday is a surprise outing that I've arranged for Jon. More on both later.

Wedding crafting and planning will definitely be happening as there are only a handful of weeks before we head back to Ohio to get MARRIED. 

More soon. Enjoy the weekend!

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