Friday, October 12, 2012

The Weekend


Having a birthday is nice. Having your birthday fall on a Saturday in the midst of the best kind of fall weather is even nicer. My coworkers definitely started off the birthday love in a very sweet and thoughtful way today. Vegan chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes at Fred Flare this morning and flowers from my coworkers at the hospital waiting for me in my office. 

I have some girlfriends going to a swing dance night with me tomorrow evening followed up with more friends at my favorite bar in the neighborhood for some bachelorette/birthday celebrations. Sunday afternoon I'm meeting a friend in the city for some tea and scones. In between these plans I'll be crafting like a mad woman. Three weeks until the wedding. One day until I am thirty-three. Feels like this year is going to be a good one.


  1. Um, ex-squeeze me. You didn't mention that it was your birthday on Saturday!!! I really need to get back to my blog reading to stay on top of things. Happy belated. It sounds like you had a fantastic celebration! As you should :).

    1. Uhh, yeah. :) Thanks Julia! It was nice to have a relaxing recovery Sunday afternoon with you post-birthday. xo